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Air Combat USA: Fullerton, California - Basic Air Combat Maneuvers! Introduction to flying a light attack fighter in an air-to-air combat, including: "Basic Air Combat Maneuvers (ACM), High and Low Yo-Yo's, Lead, Lag, and Pure Pursuit, Gunsight Tracking, Military Rules of Engagement (ROE), Safety Brief, Physiological Effects of "G" Forces, Flying Characteristics of the SIAI Marchetti SF260, Flying minimum of six combat engagements, Debriefing and review of the videotapes". Expensive though, $1200/person.

Great White Shark Cage Diver Adventure: San Francisco, California. Awesome! "You'll board our boat at sunrise, prepared for a day filled with excitement. Our expert shark diver team will accompany you to the best viewing areas within the Marine Sanctuary. There, we'll drop our cage and prepare to provide you with a view you'll never forget. No dive experience is necessary. Our boat is equipped with a hookah system. You'll be able to breathe comfortably from an air hose while you move about the cage, taking photos and having fun. There's no need for you to pack your dive gear. We'll provide a wet suit for you to wear during your dives and meals and refreshments on board. The waters near the Farallons may be icy and murky but you'll be nice and toasty when the shark action heats up."

Olympic Fencing Classes: Denver, Colorado "Fencing is a sport that can be learned and enjoyed at any age. Those new to fencing will learn the basics, and fencers with experience will improve their technique. Develop balance, agility, and coordination while challenging and conditioning both mind and body. Trainer of many current national competitors and a certified coach with the U.S. Fencing Association"

Jules Undersea Lodge: Key Largo, Florida - An authentic underwater research habitat that's also open as a hotel! Guests have to scuba to it. Prices from $125/person for 3 hours, or $345-$445/person for the night. "Our lagoon has been home to juvenile Goliath Grouper and Nurse Sharks, our Lobster habitat is always full, and Snapper and Parrot Fish are always around. In the winter you may spot Sea Horses and Puffer Fish, and juvenile Barracuda are always loitering near the dock pilings. Manatee are occasional visitors."

Speed Boat Racing : Miami, Florida - "Youíll learn the rules of the road, speed zones and docking procedures. Then, itís into the Atlantic where youíll practice planing up to speed, maneuvering through zones, wave jumping, throttling, course maneuvering, starting and stopping."

Gatorland Trainer For A Day : Orlando, Florida - "The day starts with an introductory course that includes safety procedures, handling exercises and basic behavioral animal training. Now it's time for a hands-on training session with one of the reptile experts. This up-close interaction includes a chance to learn all about crocodilians and an opportunity to test your skills at croc wrangling! Experience may range from moving large alligators and crocodiles to assisting a reptile trainer in daily activities."

Kokopelli's Bed & Breakfast: Farmington, New Mexico - A hotel located 70' down in a cave and has a Jacuzzi! According to the website, it is a "1,650 square foot, one-bedroom cave home carved from a 65-million year old sandstone formation 280 feet above the La Plata River...The cave itself is 70' below the surface. The entrance is located in the cliff face and is reached by walking down a sloping path and intermittent steps cut into the sandstone along the pathway. There is a short ladder at the bottom of the path with three wooden steps that land you on the flagstone porch and the front entrance". $240/night.

Cedar Creek Treehouse: Ashford, Washington - Beautiful looking bed and breakfast located 50 feet up in a giant cedar tree, with a view of Mt. Ranier.  $300/night/2 people.

Deep Flight Aviator Adventure : Loreto, Baja - This looks really cool! It can go down to 1,000 feet. "The Deep Flight Aviator is a new class of hydrobatic submersible craft, built to fully explore underwater flight. Think of conventional submersibles as slow, bulky, stiff underwater balloons, and the Deep Flight Aviator as a lightweight, high-powered, composite airframe with wings, thruster and flight controls." For whenever we have a spare $11,000 or so.

"Trainer For A Day" Numerous Locations:


March -Ostrich Festival: Arizona...can eat emu eggs!

March - Frozen Dead Guy Days: Colorado...celebrating the cryogenically frozen Bredo Morstoel who died in 1989 and is awaiting reanimation while being stored in a Tuff Shed in Nederland, Colorado.

April - Rattle Snake Hunt: Oklahoma...apparently a hunt for rattlesnakes (valid Oklahoma hunting license required) and get your picture taken with a diamondback rattlesnake!

May - Jumping Frog Jubilee: Angels Camp, California - According to conflicting sources, either you have to do special stuff to qualify, or, anybody with a frog and $5 can enter.

July/August - Bat Flight Breakfast: Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico...a breakfast witnessing the "spectacular morning return flight of the Mexican free-tailed bats".

September - Kudzu Festival : South Carolina...kudzu art, eating and entertainment. Includes a kudzu-eating contest (winner one year consumed 10 pounds).

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