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Frankfurt, Rothenburg & Munich


Frankfurt was originally a Roman military garrison, and later gained importance as the seat of the Emperor Charles the Great. Today, it is a famous banking and financial district.

Frankfurt's Old City Center Square

The Romerburg is the Old City center square. It was rebuilt in the 14th/15th century style after it was destroyed by bombs in World War II.

Gothic Cathedral Doors in Frankfurt

Nearby is a red sandstone 14th century gothic cathedral. It has famous ornate altar pieces, and is the building where Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire were coronated.

Christmas market in the Romerburg


Rothenburg is one of the oldest and best preserved medieval walled town in Germany. It was Germany's second largest city in the middle ages.

View of Rothenburg From City Walls

View from the Rothenburg city walls


Christmas Tree in Munich

Munich was founded in 1158 and later became the capital of Bavaria, and a cultural and artistic center. Hitler's "National Socialism" was founded here after World War I and it became the headquarters for the Nazi party.

The Marienplatz is the city center. It was a market place in the middle ages. This picture is of a Christmas tree in the middle of the Marienplatz Christmas market, with the New Town Hall vaguely visible in the background.

The New Town Hall was built starting in 1867, and is 79 meters tall. At 11, noon and 5pm each day the Glockenspiel / carillon is supposed to come out and do a little dance. But it didn't do so at 5pm when we were there. :(




Inside of the Hofbräuhaus Brewery

Wilhelm V founded Hofbräuhaus brewery in the 1580s. It seats over 4,000 people and serves 1.5 million liters of beer every year. It's a popular tourist attraction, with food, music, beer, dancing and traditional costumes.

Having A Beer At The Hofbräuhaus

My husband having a beer


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