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I've been fascinated by mythology since I was very young. My favorites include Greek, Norse and Egyptian. Eventually I hope to have dictionary/encyclopedic guides to many types of mythology, plus detailed genealogy charts.  Unlike many other websites that rehash other websites I am personally going through the original source myths to gather the information.  Granted, each translation over the centuries has probably changed the understanding in some ways, but at least it's more reliable than the grossly inaccurate Wikipedia entries on mythology subjects.

Norse Mythology

Intro to Norse Mythology - Basic information about Norse mythology, the Vanir and Aesir, the jotuns, norns and valkyries.

Norse Pantheon - My project is adding an entry for each god, goddess, person or monster mentioned in the Prose & Poetic Edda along with descriptive quotes.

Norse Myth Animals - The most well-known Norse animal names are probably the ravens "Hunin" and "Munin", but there are many names for other individual animals as well - a vast array of horses, oxen, goats, serpents - even a squirrel.

Norse Myth Objects - Norse mythology has very detailed names for anything and everything. From buckets, to poles to jewelry...absolutely everything has a name.

Fun Norse Stories - Jerry Springer would probably enjoy these amusing stone-age soap operas.

Finnish Mythology

While some people have a tendency to lump Finland's mythology in with Norse, it is a distinctly different and somewhat quirky set of myths. It's claim to fame is that their oral traditions have been much better documented than the legends of other neighboring lands.

Intro To Finnish Mythology - Basics about the history of the Kalevala, pantheon, heroes, creation, afterlife and the Finnish language.

Finnish Pantheon - My project is adding an entry for each deity, hero, person, spirit and animal mentioned in the Kalevala along with descriptive quotes.

Finnish Myth Animals - Nature and animals are major players in the Finnish mythology, so I'm summarizing the significance of each along with illustrative quotes.

Finnish Myth Places - Understanding the places featured in the Finnish myths help the understanding and enjoyment of the stories.


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