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Norse mythology has some interesting and unusual stories - some rivaling day-time talk show sagas!


A god and goddess were born through a giant's armpit sweat.

A 9-headed troll was born through a giant's feet.

Dwarves were born from the maggots in a giant's rotten corpse.

An ancient cow licked the first god out of salt.

A god was born from a vase of spit.

The first man and woman were made from trees.

A male god changed into a female horse and gave birth to an eight-legged horse.

Sex & Marriage

Freya was so disgusted by the thought of marrying a certain suitor that the veins in her neck swelled until it broke her favorite necklace.

A giant was allowed to choose a husband from the gods, but had to choose by looking only at their feet.

Thor dressed in drag as a woman and pretended to marry a giant in order to kill him.

A giantess was threatened with becoming so ugly nobody would marry her - if she refused to marry a certain god.

The goddess Freya slept with four dwarves in order to possess a necklace.


After death, all dead warriors are nourished by a goat.

Odin embalmed his uncle's head so it could continue to talk.

A one-day old infant killed a Norse god.


Odin tied himself to a tree for nine days without food or water to become young again.

The hideously enormous wolf Fenris was bound with a chain made from the beard of a young woman.

The gods once chose a god to take Odin's place.

Thor had to have a piece of whetstone removed from his head by an enchantress.

A goddess turned four of her sons into oxen so they could plow her fields.

A hero attempting to enter Hel had to take a chicken, cut off its head, and throw its body at a wall in order to gain entry.

A goddess changed into a walnut to escape captivity.

Skiers are protected by the gods.

A god became evil after eating a witch's heart.


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