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Married Broken Up Tattoo Quotes

Hollywood Quotes About Tattoos

AKA Reasons For Hollywood Not To Get Tattoos

By Molly Kalafut

Charlie Sheen

2001 on his tattoos during the sitcom Spin City:

"You can't even see the one that looks like a note pinned to my chest with the message 'Back in 15 Minutes.' I have 12 tattoos and I wish I hadn't gotten so many now. It's hard when you have to take your shirt off - two hours in make-up and it doesn't cover them."

October 2004 on his tattoos:

"I had some tattoos lasered off my chest. They don't represent the lifestyle I thought I would always have. So now I have to go through the very slow and painful process of having them removed."

Pamela Anderson

2002 on her barbed-wire upper arm tattoo:

"It is true I have Hepatitis C and have undergone outpatient treatment at UCLA Medical Center. I contracted Hepatitis C while sharing a tattoo needle with my ex-husband Tommy Lee. Tommy has the disease and never disclosed it to me during our marriage."

Lea Thompson

November 2000, on her new tattoo during her Broadway stint for "Cabaret":

"One minute I was changing diapers and the next, I got my belly button pierced and this lovely moon and stars tattoo on my butt...It got caught on my corset a few times"

Guy Pearce

November 2000, on why acting prevents him from getting a tattoo:

"The practical side of my mind takes over. I remind myself that I'm going to have to keep covering them up for the different roles I take on. Also I wouldn't be able to decide what I'd want."


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