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Animals I've Eaten

I enjoy experimenting with new foods and decided to keep track of when and where I've tried new and interesting animals.

Photos of the meat I've eaten are in no particular order.


Class Mammalia

Yak & Jalapeno Cheese Sausage Appetizers, at a dinner party with friends
bullet Antelope - From Blue Spruce Inn in Frisco, Colorado
bullet Boar - Le Central in Denver
bullet Buffalo- Buffalo Exchange in Denver, sadly now defunct
bullet Caribou - From exoticmeats.com
bullet Cow - Boring! Everywhere
bullet Deer - In Wisconsin
bullet Elk- Buckhorn Exchange in Denver and Blue Spruce Inn in Frisco, Colorado
bullet Goat - Tasted kind of stringy. People's Fair in Denver, 2005
bullet Kangaroo - New South Wales restaurant in Colorado Springs
bullet Lamb - Mmmmm, my favorite!
bullet Llama - From exoticmeats.com
bullet Ox - Somewhat strong tasting, but very tender
bullet Rabbit - In a German restaurant in Detroit
bullet Pig - Everywhere
bullet Sheep - In Haggis from a Scottish festival
bullet Yak - From exoticmeats.com

Lamb Sandwich from a Greek Festival


Class Reptilia

Plate of goat & ox from the Denver People's Fair
bullet Alligator- Bayou Bob's in downtown Denver
bullet Rattlesnake - At the Briarhurst Manor in Colorado Springs
bullet Snapping Turtle - At Ruth's Chris in Chicago

Chicken & Ribs


Class Amphibia

Elk & Buffalo Steak from a Denver festival
bullet Frog - A restaurant in Milwaukee

Turkey Legs from the Colorado Renaissance Faire


Class Aves

Chicken heart, at the Rodizio Grill

bullet Chicken - I had a chicken heart at Rodizio Grill!
bullet Duck - Le Central in Denver
bullet Goose - Le Central in Denver
bullet Ostrich - At the Fuddruckers chain in Denver
bullet Partridge - From exoticmeats.com
bullet Pheasant - Buckhorn Exchange
bullet Pigeon - From exoticmeats.com
bullet Turkey - Best was turkey BBQ in Austin, TX
bullet Quail - Papillon, sadly defunct Denver restaurant

Partridge (top) and Guinea Fowl (bottom) ordered from exoticmeats.com


White fish with mango sauce from Tucano's
bullet Catfish - Hop's Brewery in Cherry Creek, Denver
bullet Cod - Fish and chips in London
bullet Halibut - Fish and chips in London
bullet Mahi-Mahi - Pappadeaux in the Denver Tech Center
bullet Orange Roughy
bullet Perch - One of my favorites from Wisconsin
bullet Rockfish - On an Alaskan cruise
bullet Salmon - Wonderful salmon fillets in Seattle, WA
bullet Scrod - In Boston
bullet Shark - In Florida
bullet Snapper - Yummy
bullet Swordfish - Best grilled swordfish was on the coast of Portugal
bullet Tilapia - Cajun tilapia at Bastien's
bullet Tuna - Fresh-caught tuna is a favorite
bullet Trout - I caught my own in Estes Park, Colorado
bullet Zander - On an Alaskan cruise. Apparently it's a "European perch"

Pork loin from Rodizio

Assorted Seafood

Shrimp, beef, pork and chicken (Vietnamese Meat Box from Penthouse Noodles)

bullet Crab
bullet Crawfish
bullet Eel
bullet Lobster
bullet Mussels
bullet Octopus
bullet Oyster
bullet Scallop
bullet Shrimp/Prawn
bullet Snail
bullet Squid

Plate of fried squid at a Greek Festival


Molly eating a plate of goat curry in front of the "Rocky Mountain Animal Defense Fund" (with a sign reading "Farm Animals Have Feelings Too!" and "Say NO to foie gras!" and "No Veal"!)

Animals I Want To Eat

bullet Bear - I'm told it's available in the Pacific Northwest, but tastes nasty.
bullet Chukar - I had to look this one up in the dictionary. "The Chukar, Alectoris chukar, is a gamebird in the pheasant family Phasianidae".
bullet Dog - Supposedly commonly eaten in Asian countries.
bullet Elephant - Probably unlikely to happen in my lifetime, but who knows.
bullet Groundhog - I know there are groundhogs in the US, but never seen it on a menu anywhere.
bullet Horse - Friends from Belgium tell me it is a very tasty meat, and commonly eaten in Europe.
bullet Peacock - A friend from India told me wild peacocks are the tastiest bird to eat.  My husband and I actually looked into raising them in our backyard, but it turns out they're probably too noisy. Bummer.
bullet Platypus - According to news articles, platypus meat is sold in New Guinea marketplaces. That would be so cool! Then I'd have eaten eutherians, metatherians, and prototherians!
bullet Water buffalo - I've been told that McDonalds in India serves water buffalo burgers.
bullet Saber-toothed tiger - Maybe someday they'll resurrect enough DNA to clone and raise them!

Good Places To Eat Animals

Rodizio, Le Central, Buckhorn Exchange, Pappadeaux, Briarhurst Manor, Texas barbeque mmmmm

Good Places To Buy Animals To Eat

ExoticMeats.Com - Awesome!  Shipping is pretty pricey, but they have a ton of interesting options

Molly eating ox in front of the "Peaceful Prairie" booth, next to a "How To Win An Argument With A Meat Eater" sign

Eat an Animal For PETA Day!

Molly eating a plate of elk and buffalo jerky in front of the vegetarian booth (featuring a sign of "Hamburgers Are Made Outta What?!" Please go veg!" and "It's the 21st Century...are you still eating animals?" Why yes...yes I am.)

Eat Meat For Peta Day is March 15th!

  1. 2003 - We ate at an Australian restaurant with kangaroo, beef and fish
  2. 2004 - We ate at Rodizio with chicken, turkey, quail, pork/ham/bacon, beef, wild boar, salmon, crab and more!
  3. 2005 - We ate at the Briarhurst Manor with scallops, elk, bison, beef, salmon, bass and wall-eye
  4. 2006 - Oops! We were busy moving and forgot. :( Twice as much meat next year!

Eating an alligator hot dog at the 2003 Denver People's Fair - ironically, in front of the "Political Voice for Animals" and "People Against Animal Cruelty" booths.


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