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You Know You're A Genealogist When...

By Molly Kalafut

I'm sure lists like this have been written before, I thought I'd compile my own as well.

You're not only excited by census records, but you've memorized the questions asked on each.

You look up your friend's grandparents on the census just for fun.

You can tell if the father filled out the census info in a particular year instead of the mother (like when Robert's name is given as "Bobby", Bobby's birth year is wrong, and the states where the mother's parents grew up are totally botched...)

You have a hard time calling a family member by their nickname "Bob" and would much prefer to call them by their full first and middle name. Bonus points if you mentally add their birth year to their name in their head.

You've learned the words 'born', 'married' and 'died' in several different languages.

You get excited to find out family members were born, married or died in certain locations where you know you can easily access their vital records.  Or, you're mildly disappointed to find out you don't have relatives in places with easy access to vital records. ("Darn it! Why can't our family have lived in Minnesota - their birth AND death records are online!")

You can't stop correcting other people's use of the term 'cousin'. ("Actually, that's your second cousin once removed...")

You feel guilty about having fleeting moments of glee when you realize someone you're researching is dead, and their birth and death dates can be found in the SSDI.

You know what "SSDI" stands for! (Social Security Death Index)

You can correct your in-law's family on details about their own blood family (who you've never met).

Your idea of a vacation is sneaking in some local genealogy research.

Going to a cemetery while on a trip sounds like great fun.

You've put together your own 'cemetery visit supplies', including weed clippers, comfortable shoes, gardening gloves, a camera, and more.

Out of respect for other mourners nearby, you have to try (hard) not to yell "Woohoo!!" when you find a relative's grave you weren't expecting.

You know more about the counties of a state you've never visited than people who have lived there all their lives.

You encourage everyone in your family to write their own obituaries ahead of time (and offer to check them over for accuracy).


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