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Strege Family

Friedrich Wilhelm Strege and Dorothea Heidemann

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From Pommern-Wegweiser (durch ein unvergessenes Land) by Johannes Hinz, publishers Adam, Kraft, Verlag--Batzwitz (Polish: Baszewise), Kreis (county) Greifenberg. "An urn dating from the earliest Iron Age was found in a burial field near the village. A Wendish castle wall, in Middle Ages, residence of knights, is near the village. In 1316, knight Siegfried von Lode had to settle with the town council for charges of murder and robbery. Around 1385 the village paid an annual tax of 7 1/2 Marks to the Treasurer of Camin". (this may have been some important personage like a duke.) "In 1440 the church (kirche) was consecrated to the Holy Mary, St. Katharine and all saints. The consecration documents were displayed on the altar of the church until 1945. In the wooden dome an inscription was carved on a beam: 'This steeple was built by Martin B.M. in June, 1706'. The richest appointments of the church were from the Renaissance. The altar stood in the foyer, unnoticed, until into the 20th century. The chancel, organ chest and pews were decorated by wood carvings. In 1939 Batzwitz had 472 inhabitants."

Please note that the Liberty Grove church referred to below is the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church. Additionally, the Little Sister Cemetery referred to is in Door County, on the northwest side of Sister Bay. It is just off Highway 42, which is on the bay side of the peninsula, a short drive from Ephraim. Please note that some of the dates on the stones read differently from birth and/or death dates presented.

Please note also that German church records were taken from microfilm of the LDS Church entitled: Kirchenbuchduplikat, 1817-1874, Evangelische Kirche Batzwitz (Kr. Greifenberg). Parish register transcripts of baptisms, marriages and deaths for Batzwitz, Pommern, Germany, now Baszewice (Gryfice), Szczecin, Poland. Includes Barkow, Batzwitz, Vahnerow, Lebbin, Koldemanz, Rensin.

Friedrich Wilhelm Strege was born September 4, 1811 in Prussia and married Dorothea Heidemann, born June 18, 1810 in Gamplo, Prussia. The records for Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church list the death entries for Friedrich and Dorothea as follows: Dorothea Heidemann Strege died April 12, 1880 at the age of 69 years, 8 months and 28 days of pleurisy (#10 in the church's death register). She was survived by her husband, 2 sons and 4 daughters. On her death record, it states she was born in Gamplo, Prussia. Friedrich Wilhelm Strege died August 9, 1900 (#72 in the church's death register), survived by 5 children and grandchildren. No age was given for him in the church records but the Wisconsin death certificate from Door County gives his birthday as September 4, 1811.

No other Heidemanns are known at this time, however, in the cemetery for St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Merrill, Wisconsin, some Heidemanns are buried: Fredricka, mother, 1852 to 1941; August, father, 1853 to 1944 and Friedrich W. borth 1892, died ? On the 1914 Plat Map of Pine River, where these families lived near Merrill, a Robert Heidemann is living on 80 acres on lot #19. Also, in the records of the Evangelical Church in Batzwitz, the day laborer Martin Heidemann and his wife Caroline Richert had a son, Heinrich Friedrich August, born June 10, 1842 and baptized June 19 with witnesses farmer Bonin, the wife of (first name illegible) Bernhard, born Friedrike Helenz?, and the day laborer Heinrich Raunall, all from Batwitz. This same child died September 15, 1843 of consumption, aged one year, three months and five days and was buried on September 17.

The eight children currently known of Friedrich Wilhelm Strege and Dorothea Heidemann were:

Emilie Marie Therese Strege

Emilie was born October 17, 1832 (per death certificate from Lincoln County, Wisconsin). She married Friedrich Hartwig, born in Germany on January 23, 1834. He died August 8, 1904, age 70 years, 6 months and 19 days. . On the Wisconsin death record 563 from Lincoln County, Maria E.F. Hartwig died April 2, 1910 due to general disability following an attack of grippe. She was 77 years, 5 months and 25 days old. The informant was William Hartwig of Merrill. Her parents were listed as Strege for her father and "unknown" for her mother's name. She was buried April 15 at St. Paul's Cemetery. Friedrich is not listed as being buried with Emilie.

The known children of Emily and Friedrich Hartwig were:

Friedrich Heinrich August Hartwig

Friedrich was born in April of 1856 and baptized May 12, 1856. One of the witnesses was Auguste Strege of Batzwitz.

Albert Eduard Wilhelm Hartwig

He was born June 12, 1858 and baptized July 11 at the Evangelical Church in Batzwitz, Pommern. Witnesses were Friedrich Utech, Eduard Strege and Ernestine Beling.

Albertine Wilhelmine Caroline Hartwig

Albertine was born February 2, 1860 and baptized February 12 at the Evangelical Church in Batzwitz. Witnesses were Albertine Strege of Batzwitz, Wilhelmine Utecht of Rensin and Carl Hartwig of Dusterbeck.

Julius Friedrich Ferdinand Hartwig

Julius was born February 25, 1862 and baptized March 9 at the Evangelical Church in Batzwitz. Witnesses were Julius Lemke of Batzwitz and Ferdinand Zimdars (?).

Maria Auguste Charlotte Hartwig

In the marriage register of the Liberty Grove Church, (#18), Maria Auguste Schalotte Hartwig, born April 9, 1866, married August Friedrich Heinrich Uttech, on May 29, 1885. She is shown as the daughter of Friedrich Hartwig and Emilie geb. Strege. Witnesses were Edward Strege and Heinrich Hartwig. The groom, born July 27, 1846, was the son of Friedrich Uttech and Auguste geb. Strege. The marriage certificate from Door County lists the witnesses as Eduard Strege, Albert Hartwig, Albertine Strege and Minna Hartwig. (See also the Uttech section of this web document.)

Charlotte Wilhelmine Friedrich Hartwig

Charlotte was born May 29, 1870 in Trieglaff, Pommern and confirmed on Advent, December 16, 1883 (#48 in the confirmation register in the Liberty Grove Church).

Ulrike Emilie Mathilde Hartwig

Ulrike was born April 16, 1874 and confirmed June 28, 1887 (#68 in the Liberty Grove Church).

Augustine Wilhelmine Strege

Augustine Wilhelmine Henriette Strege was born in 1835, the daughter of Friedrich Strege, also of Batzwitz. She married, on November 13, 1857, Johan Friedrich Wilhelm Uttech, at the Evangelical Church in Batzwitz. Johan Friedrich was born in 1836, the son of Ernst Friedrich Uttech and Charlotte Havermann. Charlotte Havermann was born about 1809 in Pommern and died in Batzwitz, Pommern on Sept. 24, 1844 following childbirth. Ernst Friderich Uttech died June 8, 1860 at the age of 52 years and 6 months, of the pox (plague) while still in Germany. He was buried on June 10.

Johan Friedrich and Augustine Uttech came to Liberty Grove, Ephraim, Door County, Wisconsin about 1874. They had landed in New York on April 29, 1874 on the ship Washington, from Stettin. Shown on the ship's roster are: Friedrich Uttech, 38; his wife Auguste, 39; Albert, 16; Albertine, 14; Carl, 9; Heinrich, 7; Friedrich, 1 and his step-mother, Charlotte Ruhnke Uttech.

The children of Augustine Wilhelmine and Johan Friedrich were:

Albert Carl Julius Uttech

Albert Carl was born February 6, 1858 in Batzwitz, Pommern. He was baptized on February 21, 1858. The witnesses were Albertine Strege, Carl Gasch of Barkow and Julius Utecht of Batzwitz.

Albertine Friederike Louise Uttech

Albertine was born September 11, 1859 and baptized September 25, 1859. Witnesses were Albertine Lucht, (first name illegible) Strege, and Fr. Hartwig of Batzwitz. She married Albert Grohs (Gross), son of Wilhelmine Bonin (for more information on the Bonin family see the end of this page) and Carl Gross. They were married October 29, 1880, (#6 in the marriage register of the Liberty Grove Church). Albert Grohs (Gross) filed his declaration of intent to become a citizen on December 31, 1880 in Door County. On this document he stated he was born about 1857 in Germany and came to the U.S. on or about June, 1867. They landed in New York.

According to family information she had six children: Emma, Minnie, Carl, Albert, Louise and Eric. Baptismal records were found for the following only:

Emma Henriette Anna Gross

Emma was born November 20, 1881 and baptized December 11, 1881 in the Liberty Grove church (#85 in the baptism register). The witnesses included Regina Uttech. The birth is recorded in the State of Wisconsin records as November 23, 1881.

Anna Fredericke Albertine Gross

Anna was born February 17, 1883 and baptized July 15, 1883 in the Liberty Grove church (#111 in the baptism register). Witnesses included Carl Uttech and Albertine Becker.

Carl Friedrich Emil Gross

Carl was born February 10, 1885 and baptized February 17, 1885 in the Liberty Grove church (#136 in the baptism register). Witnesses included Carl Gross and Johanne Uttech.

Bertha Auguste Caroline Gross

Bertha was born September 21, 1886 and baptized November 14, 1886 in the Liberty Grove church (#167 in the baptism register). Witnesses included Carl Mahnke, Auguste Uttech geb. Hartwig, and Bertha Gross.

Carl (Charley) Friedrich Eduard Uttech

Charley was born May 30, 1861 and baptized June 9, 1861. Witnesses were Carl Wendorf, Edward Strege and Caroline Vogt. He married Johanna Dorn, who was born December 10, 1865 in Pommern and was confirmed in Liberty Grove on May 8, 1881. In the marriage register (the second #15, which was used twice in error) his name is shown as Carl Ed. Aug. Uttech, born Batwitz, and her name is shown as Johanne Auguste Emilie Dorn, born Dec. ? 1865, daughter of Johanna and Emil Dorn. Witnesses were Albert Hartwig and Heinrich Uttech. They had thirteen children.

Bernhard Friedrich August Uttech

Bernhard was born June 14, 1863, and baptized June 28, 1863. Witnesses were Friedrich Klug of Batzwita, Carl Hafemann and Auguste Riebe(?). He died September 6, 1863.

Friedrich August Heinrich Uttech (Henry)

Friedrich was born July 24, 1864 and baptized on August 7, 1864. He was confirmed in Liberty Grove on Palm Sunday, April 14, 1878 (#14 in the confirmation register), where his name is listed as Heinrich Friedrich August. He married Augusta Hartwig, a first cousin (#17 in the marriage register), where he is listed as August Friedrich Heinrich Uttech, born July 27, 1864, Batzwitz. Augusta is listed as Maria Auguste Schalotte Hartwig, daughter of Friedrich Hartwig and Emilie geb Strege. Witnesses were Edward Strege and Heinrich Hartwig. Friedrich is buried in St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Merrill, Wisconsin. Also there is Augusta Uttech, born 1866, died 1918. On the Lincoln County Death Record on page 844, Volume 7, the cause of her death on November 3, 1918 was from influenza and pneumonia. The informant, Albert Uttech, Jr., listed her father and mother as "unknown". The children of Friedrich August and Augusta were:

Anna Wilhelmine Louise Uttech

Anna was born November 6, 1885 and baptized November 6, 1885 (#153 in the baptismal register). The witnesses included Friedrich Hartwig, Albertine Mueller geb. Hartwig and Albertine Gross geb. Uttech. Anna married Otto Hartwig, son of Julius Hartwig and Augusta Wilk, born Griefenburg, on October 8, 1904. Witnesses were Albert and Henry Uttech.

Albert August Franz Uttech

Albert Uttech's World War 1 Draft Application

Albert Uttech's World War 1 Draft Application

Albert was born June 9, 1887 and was baptized June 26, 1887 (#176 in the baptismal register). Witnesses included Albert Uttech, Johanne Uttech geb. Dorn and Albert Hartwig. I believe he died September 25, 1951. There is an Albert Uttech buried in St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Merrill. Buried near him is Elsie, 1891 to 1954.

Joseph Uttech

Nothing is known about Joseph Uttech other than the notation in the church register for a "Joseph Uttech, 8 years, 10 months and 13 days" son of Henry Uttech and Augusta Hartwig, died April 2, 1893 of measles and pneumonia.

Anna August Uttech

Anna was born in 1894 and died November 28, 1895.

Edward Carl Uttech

Franz George, (Fritz), born in 1897 and confirmed on April 9, 1911.

Bertha Uttech

Bertha was born in 1898.

Hedwig Emma Uttech

Hedwig was born in 1902 and died October 15, 1902.

Mathilda Friedricke (Tillie) Uttech

Tillie was born in 1904 and confirmed April 1, 1917. She married Tony Fisher.

Otto Herman Uttech

Otto was born November 15, 1905 and died December 7, 1905 of cramps and was buried in St. Paul's Cemetery at Merrill.

Ferdinand Friedrich Wilhelm Uttech

Ferdinand was born May 9, 1867 and baptized May 19. Witnesses were Ferdinand Muller of Batzwitz, and Emilie geb. Behling Schunemann of Batzwitz. He died February 3, 1869, 1 year, 8 months and 25 days, son of Friedrich..

Friedrich Wilhelm Robert Uttech

Friedrich was born April 27, 1870 and confirmed June 28, 1885 in the Liberty Grove church (#54 in the confirmation register).

NOTE: In the Batzwitz church records the following death is reported: Johan Friedrich Wilhelm Utecht, son of Wilhelmine, died January 31, 1869, aged 4 years, 1 month and 1 day. As he would have been born in December of 1864, I am confused as to the parents of this child because of the birth of Friedrich August in July of 1864 (see above.)

For more information, see the Uttech page of this web document.

Eduard Carl August Strege

Eduard Strege was born in March 7, 1842 (per tombstone) in Pommern, and died September 17, 1913 in Liberty Grove, Door County, Wisconsin (#90 in the church's death register). Eduard brought his family to the United States on April 21, 1876, arriving in Baltimore on the S.S. Braunschweig from Bremen.

Eduard was married twice. His first wife was Henriette Luise Pauline Radant, daughter of Friedrich Radant of Bandekow. They married on October 22, 1868, her age was shown as 29. She died about 1874, age 33 years, 9 months and 21 days. Eduard then remarried: on September 30, 1874, Eduard Carl August Strege, age 33 1/2, son of Friedrich Strege, married Henriette Mathilde Wilhelmine Neumann, the 24 year old daughter of Carl Ludwig Neumann at the Evangelical Church in Batzwitz. Mathilde was born in Batzwitz and died March 12, 1934 in Liberty Grove.

Edward (Americanized from the German records which spelled it Eduard) and Mathilda are buried in the Little Sister Cemetery: When Edward died, Mathilda remarried Wilhelm Heise December 8, 1918 (#56 in the marriage register). Witnesses included her children: Otto Strege, Hedwig Strege geb. Lange and Gustav Strege. William Heise is buried in Little Sister Cemetery: 12 Feb. 1851 to 22 May 1935. Also buried nearby is Anna M. Heise 12 Aug. 1840 to Oct. 1913?, William's first wife.

Strege-Father Edward March 7, 1842-Sept. 17, 1913

Mother Mathilda July 10, 1850-March 12, 1934

The children of Edward to the best knowledge of this research are:

Johann Friedrich Franz Radant Strege

Johann was the son of Henriette Radant, Edward's first wife and therefore his stepson. He was born March 27, 1863 and baptized March 30. Witnesses to the baptism were Friedrich Radant, Johann Schimmelpfennig and Wilhelmine Flugel (Kohler). He was confirmed in the Liberty Grove church on Palm Sunday, March 25, 1877. (entry #5 in the confirmation register) Edward is listed as his step-father.

Albertine Auguste Wilhelmine Strege

She was born March 26, 1869 in Bendekow, Pommern, the daughter of Edward and Henriette, and baptized on April 4. Witnesses to the baptism were (first name unknown) Kroning of Bandekow, August Utteg of Btzwitz and Wilhelmine Bernmann(?) of Plathe(?). She was confirmed on May 8, 1881 (#44 in the confirmation register) and died April 20, 1894. She married Robert Friedrich Edvard Mueller on Nov. 12, 1886 in Liberty Grove (#18 in the marriage register). Witnesses were Edward Strege, William Muller and Fritz Rove. Robert was born September 11, 1861 and confirmed on Palm Sunday, March 25, 1877. For more information on the Muellers see the end of this page. Both Albertine and Robert are buried in the Little Sister Cemetery:

Robert: Robert H.? Muller Sept. 11, 1861-??? 8, 1933

Albertine: 26 Marz, 1869 20 April, 1894. Her daughter Ida is buried nearby. See below.

Their children were:

Elise Carolina Anna Mueller

Elsie was born Sept. 22, 1887 (#2551 in the Wisconsin State records) and this is the name given to her in the Liberty Grove baptismal records, #180. She was baptized on October 30 with witnesses Edward Strege, Anna Strege and Wittwer(?) Muller. In the confirmation records, #130, October 20, 1901, it is listed as Louise Carolina Anna.

Albert Ferdinand Wilhelm Mueller

Albert was born January 29, 1889 and baptized February 17 (#192 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Ferdinand Mueller, Wilhelm Mueller and Albertine Strege geb. Jahn; confirmed in the Liberty Grove church in 1902 (#139 in the confirmation register).

Ida Wilhelmine Ernestine Mueller

Ida was born Sept. 9, 1890; baptized Oct. 14 (#199 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Frau Rove and Wilhelmine Muller geb Strege; and died April 22, 1895 (#60 in the death register). Ida is buried near her mother in the Little Sister Cemetery: 9 Sept. 1890-14 April 1895. On the Wisconsin death register #1105 Ida Mueller is shown as having died May 14, 1895.

Wilhelmine Ernestine Mathilde Mueller

Wilhelmine was born February 13, 1892 and baptized on March 12 (#215 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Ferd. Mueller, Auguste Mueller and Mathilde Strege geb. Neumann. She was confirmed on April 16, 1905 (#151 in the confirmation register).

Richard Herman Johann Friedrich Mueller

Richard was born September 12, 1893 and baptized Oct. 22 (#226 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Richard Strege and William Mueller; confirmed May 5, 1907 (#158 in the confirmation register).

Anna Maria Louisa Strege

Anna was born January 27, 1871 in Bandekow, Pommern, the daughter of Edward and Henriette. She was baptized February 12, with witnesses Joh. Radandt of Plather, (first name illegible, starts with an 'F') Grunewald and Maria (last name illegible). She died March 11, 1888 (#40 in the death register) listed as Marie Louise Strege. She lived to be confirmed June 28, 1885 (#57 in the confirmation register).

Eric Hermann Heinrich Strege

Eric was born February 8, 1873 and was baptised February 23, the son of Edward and Henriette. Witnesses at the baptism included Maria Radant, Hermann Strege and Hermann Grunewald. Eric died at 8 months, 18 days on September 21, 1873.

Otto Strege

Otto was born September 23, 1875 in Pommern and died January 4, 1882 in Liberty Grove of inflammation of the stomach with scarlet rash (Wisconsin death register number 675).

Richard Heinrich Friedrich Strege

Richard was born June 26, 1878 and baptized July 14 (#33 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Friedrich Uttech, Heinrich Strege and Regina Uttech; confirmed on April 10, 1892 (#94 in the confirmation register) and died December 4, 1894 in Liberty Grove (#59 in the death register). His death was also recorded on the Wisconsin death register (#1128) where is birth year is shown as 1877 and date of death as December 5, 1894. He died at age 17 of typhoid fever.


Carl Albert Johannes 'Friedrich' Strege

Carl was born April 2, 1880 in Wisconsin and died January 6, 1882 in Liberty Grove of Scarlet Rash (#690 on the Wisconsin death register).

Emma Albertine Bertha Strege

Emma was born April 10, 1882 (#1677 State of Wisconsin records) , confirmed April 7, 1895(#107 in the confirmation register) in Liberty Grove and married Napolean LaVine on August 31, 1898 (#36 in the marriage register) in Liberty Grove. In this marriage register Emma's father Edward is shown as from Klein Zablin, Hinter-Pommern and her mother Mathilda as from Canbreck, Hinter-Pommern. Witnesses to the marriage included Richard Strege, Anna Wilke and Marie Weiss. Napolean was born in 1867 in Canada, the son of Johannes LaVine, born in Canada and Margaret, born Bornsville. Emma died November 23, 1964 in Door County, Wisconsin at the age of 82. In searching for naturalization and declaration of intent paperwork John Bonin applied for citizenship on October 27, 1869, but that paperwork itself apparently has vanished, it starts only with 1870. On the 1910 census for Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, Napolean's mother, Margaret, age 78, is shown living with her son William, age 40 and her daughter-in-law, Mary, age 29. Margaret lists her heritage as French Canadian. For some additional information on the LaVine family, click here

The children of Emma and Napolean:

Cilia Mathilda Marie LaVine

Celia was born on May 3, 1900 in Liberty Grove and baptized on June 3 (#282 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Robert Muller, Auguste Strege geb. Kistenmacher, and Mathilda Strege geb. Nuemann. Her married name was Prasser and as of 1961 she was living in Milwaukee.

Mary LaVine

Mary was born July 19, 1901.

Friedrich LaVine

Friedrich was born in 1906.

Theodore LaVine

Theodore was born in 1907 and died March 23, 1964 at the age of 58, in Sturgeon Bay.

Mathilde LaVine

Mathilde was born in 1913.

Harris LaVine

Harris was born in 1918.

Carl Friedrich Heinrich 'Fritz' Strege

Carl Strege's World War 1 Draft Application

Carl Strege's World War 1 Draft Application

Carl was born Feb. 26, 1884 and baptized on March 2 (#122 in the baptismal register where it is recorded as Carl Fritz Heinrich) with witnesses Johanne Dorn, Heinrich Uttech and Friedr. Uttech; confirmed on April 17, 1898 (#119 in the confirmation register) and married Agnes Beard. Agnes was born August 13, 1897 to Charles Beard and Dehlia Kirkner. They were married on June 17, 1914. He died some time after 1950. Their children included Abbott Strege, born May 28, 1915 and died Dec. 25, 1915 (#93 in the death register); a female child born May 27, 1917; and James Edward, born May 5, 1918.

Gustav Ferdinand Eduard Strege

Gustav Strege's World War 1 Draft Application

Gustav Strege's World War 1 Draft Application

Gustav was born June 17, 1885 in Liberty Grove and baptized July 12 (#143 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Ferdinand Bast.(?), Eduard Strege and Fr. Hartwig Emilie geb Strege; confirmed Oct. 20, 1901 (#128 in the confirmation register) and died May 3, 1943 in Liberty Grove of stroke and heart trouble. He is buried in the Little Sister Cemetery: GUST STREGE 1885-1943.

Obituary of Gustav Ferdinand Eduard Strege

Door County Advocate May 14, 1943

Gustave Strege

Liberty Grove-Funeral services were held Sunday for Gustave Strege, 57, who died Friday from a stroke suffered the day before. The Rev. Walter Abramson officiated, and burial was in Little Sister Cemetery with Alfred and Richard Ahfert, Charles Prust, Theodore Koessel, Lawrence Peterson and Wilbert Grasse serving as pallbearers. Special music was sung by the church choir.

Mr. Strege was born here June 17, 1885, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Strege. He is survived by three sisters, Mrs. N. LaVine of Sawyer, Mrs. Milton Hanson of Ephraim and Mrs. Otto Waller of Baileys Harbor; two brothers, Charles of Ephraim and Otto of Liberty Grove, 11 nieces and 5 nephews.

Hulda Wilhelmine Auguste Strege

Hulda was born March 9, 1887 in Liberty Grove and baptized March 27 (#173 in the baptism register and #2504 State of Wisconsin birth record) with witnesses Robert Mueller, Frau Dorn geb. Heiser and Fr. Uttech geb. Hartwig; was confirmed on April 8, 1900 (#127 in the confirmation register). She married Milton Hansen (or Hanson). She died some time after 1950.

Otto Friedrich Carl Strege

Otto Strege's World War 1 Draft Application

Otto Strege's World War 1 Application

Otto was born April 4, 1889 and was baptized on May 5 (#194 in the baptismal register) witnesses included August Dorn, William Heise and Frau Mueller geb. Zahn; confirmed May 17, 1903 (#143 in the confirmation register); married Hedwig (Hattie) Long on Dec. 10, 1914 in Door County. Otto died August 5, 1950 (#147 in the death register) of a heart attack On the death notice it stated survivors included a sister Mrs. Eunice LaVine and Mrs. Milton Hauser.

Otto and Hattie are buried in the Little Sister Cemetery:

Otto W. 1889-1950

Hedwig A. 1895-1974. Their son Everett is buried next to them--see below.

They had two children:

Mabel Strege

Mabel was born about 1919, the last name of the man she married, mentioned Otto's death listing, appears to be Petersilka.

Everett Friedrich John Strege

Everett was born March 29, 1933 and died March 29, 1933 and was buried on April 2 (#120 in the death register). Everett is buried near his parents in the Little Sister Cemetery: Everett J. 1927-March ?, 1933.

Martha Anna Louise Strege

Martha was born January 3, 1891 and was baptized February 8 (#204 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Albertine Hoefer, Louise Strege and Frau Heise; and she died some time before 1900.

Marie Elsa Clara 'Mary' Strege

Marie was born July 15, 1893 in Liberty Grove and baptized August 13 (#225 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Franz Strege, Marie Kuesel and Hulda Mueller. She married Otto Waller on November 12, 1913 in the St. Mary of the Lake Catholic Church in Bailey's Harbor. She met him in Liberty Grove as on the 1910 census, Otto is listed as one of the five children of Wenzel and Mary Waller. Mary Waller died May 29, 1946 in Liberty Grove (death register #142 shows two sisters Mrs. Emma LaVine and Mrs. Hulda Hauser survived her along with 4 grandchildren) and Otto died Sept. 17, 1973 in Sturgeon Bay at the age of 84.

NOTE: In research done on this project, on Wisconsin death register #2740, Otto's brother Louis is listed as son of Weitzel and Mary. He died October 3, 1905. He was born July 24, 1878 and was 27 years, 2 months and 9 days when he died of an intestinal obstruction. Otto also had a brother Matthew, 1897-1937. He married Clara (maiden name unknown) on October 18, 1919. She died June 16, 1986.

Marie and Otto Waller are buried in the Little Sister Cemetery: Father Otto 1889-1973; Mother Mary 1893-1946.

They had two children:

Martin Waller

Martin was born November 29, 1914. He died January 30, 1989 at the age of 74 in Brown County, Wisconsin.

Viola Waller

Viola, of Fish Creek, married Archie Reinhard, of Sister Bay, on Febuary 6, 1937 in Liberty Grove (#71 on the marriage register). Witnesses were Richard Reinhard and Bertha Ohnesorge. (Note: See also miscellaneous obits at the end of this web document for Mrs. Wilhelmine Reinhard)

There are some unknown Waller Stone in the Little Sister Cemetery.

1. This one is located near the Bunda family stones: Waller 1890-1890

2. Waller, Clara 1896-1986

3. Waller, Matthew 1897-1937 NOTE: Otto Waller had a sibling listing on a census as "Mattie". This may be Matthew and the Clara may be Matthew's wife.


In 1880, Edward Strege was living in Liberty Grove with his wife Matilda, he was 38, she was 30. Their children included Frank, 16; Thina, 11; Anne, 9; Otto 5; Richard, 1 and Fredrik, 2/12.

In the 1900 census Edward is shown as 58, born 1842, Mathilda is 50, born 1849 with 13 children 6living. The children in the household are Carl, 16, born 1884; Gustaf, 14, born 1885; Hulda, age 13, born 1887; Otto W., 11, born 1889; and Mary, 6, born 1893.

By the 1910 census, Edward is shown as 68 and Mathilda Strege as 60, still living in Liberty Grove. Living with them are additional children born after the 1880 census: Charley, 25; Gustaf; 23, Otto, 21; and Mary, 16 Their son Richard, is 29 and now head of his own household with his wife, Emily, age 21. Richard and Emily Schultz were married September 11, 1907 in Door County.

By the 1920 census, Edward has died and Mathilda is shown as age 69, head of household, and living with her is her son Gustave, 35 and a man named Willliam Heise, age 69, shown as "husband". Edward and Mathilda's son Otto, is now 30 and head of his own household, his wife, Hattie, is 24 and their daughter Mabel, is one. Also, Edward and Mathilda's son Charley is now in a separate household, shown as 34, born in Wisconsin, with a wife, Agnes, 22, and a son James.

Louise Friedrike Maria Strege

Louise was born April 11, 1844 at 11:00 pm and baptized on April 28. Witnesses were (first name illegible) Strege of Zimmerhausen, Ernestine Hinz and Auguste Miller. Louise died July 22, 1849, age 5 years.

Gottlieb Heinrich Herman Strege

Heinrich Strege, born in Germany Nov. 14, 1846, and was baptized December 6, one of the witnesses being an Inspector Helsing. He arrived in New York in May, 1872. Heinrich married Bertha Jahn (note: in later records this is changed to Zahn--Bertha was a sister to Louise Zahn who married Robert Muller. See that section later in this web document and also at the end of this web document miscellaneous Zahn entries found in the Batzwitz church) in 1865 and had five children. He is listed as an early settler of Liberty Grove in the History of Door County, Volume 1, 1917, page 368. He died August 20, 1927 (#112 in the death register) and is buried in Little Sister Cemetery, Door County, Wisconsin. Bertha Fredericka Augusta, born Dec. 13, 1844 in Griefenburg, Pommern, died July 27, 1934 (#124 in the death register) with sons Edward, Franz and Richard and daughters Augusta Strege and Louise Zahn shown as survivors. Note: Bertha had a sister, Louise Jahn Vierhof Mueller--see the Mueller section of this web page for "The Other Robert Mueller"). The children of Heinrich and Bertha:

Edward Emil Friedrich Strege

Edward married Auguste Wilhelmine Albertine Kistenmacher September 14, 1888 in Milwaukee. On the marriage register (#2054 on page 41) his birthplace is shown as Doeringshagen. Auguste's father is shown as Gottfried Kistenmacher and her mother as Louise Mundt, born in Storkow. Witnesses to the marriage included Herman Patzfahl and Friedrich Uttech. The ceremony was performed at St. Mark's Lutheran Church by Pastor Reinsch. On the 1910 census for Liberty Grove they are shown as Edward Jr. age 43, his wife Augusta, 44 and children Walter, 16; and Adolph, age 6. Their children were:

Elsa Bertha Johanna Strege

Elsa was born June 24, 1889 in Milwaukee, baptized in St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Milwaukee on August 11, 1889 (#127). Witnesses werre Ernestine Kistenmacher, Helene Toll and Friedrich Uttech. She was confirmed in April of 1902 in Liberty Grove (#137 in the confirmation register).

Alma A. Strege (Anne)

Alma A. was born September 19, 1891 and baptized in St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Milwaukee on October 18 (#114) with witnesses Hugo Angelroth, Carol Nuemann and Louise Kistenmacher.

Walter Carl Heinrich Strege

Walter was born September 3, 1893 in Milwaukee and baptized in St. Mark's Lutheran Church September 24 with witnesses Winnie (?) Kistenmacher, and Carl Geiger (#105). He was confirmed in the Liberty Grove church on May 5, 1907 (#159 in the confirmation register).

Walter H. "Willie" Arthur Oswald Strege

Willie was born Feb. 11, 1898 in Liberty Grove, baptized on March 11 (baptismal record #255) with witnesses Ed. Strege, Richard Strege and Frau Strege geb Jahn; and died June 18, 1898, on the church's death register #65. Willie is buried in the Little Sister Cemetery: Willie A. Strege died June 18, 1898. His death is also shown on the Wisconsin death register #1334, where it shows he died of capillary bronchitis.

Auguste Wilhelmine Caroline Strege

Auguste was born January 30, 1871 in Bendekow, Plate Rega, Pommern and baptized Feb. 12. Witnesses included Robert Zahn, F. Uttech and Wilhelmine Strege. She was confirmed on Advent, December 16, 1883 (#47 in the confirmation register). There is a marriage register for her to Heinrich Hartwig on December 3, 1885 (#19 on the marriage register). Witnesses to the marriage included Albert Hartwig and Eduard Strege. It is not certain, however, if this is the above Auguste Wilhelmine, as it would have made her 14 when married. On Wisconsin death register #1968, it shows she died at age 30 on December 14, 1901 and was to be buried in Sister Bay. However, her name on the certificate reads Louisa Crema, daughter of Henry and Bertha Strege. Therefore, she may have been married twice. She died of paralysis of the heart. Her husband is shown as Louisa(?). She is buried in Little Sister Cemetery as Auguste Crema.

The only child known is:

Friedrich Albert Auguste Hartwig

Friedrich was born February 6, 1888. He was baptized on Feb. 13 (#181 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Friedrich Hartwig, Albert Hartwig, and Auguste Uttech geb Hartwig.

Franz Carl Wilhelm Strege

Franz was born January 10, 1874 in Milwaukee and baptized on February 1 in the Friedens Church. Witnesses were Ferdinand Bast and Auguste Behl geb. Mueller. He married Johanna Koepsel of Deutschbach, Pommern, daughter of Auguste Koepsel, on October 8, 1887 (#35 in the marriage register). On the marriage register Johanna is shown as being from Duesterbeck, Hinter-Pommern, daughter of August Koepsel of Pippenberg, Pommern, and Johanna geb. Schmuchel (?). Franz' mother Bertha is shown as geb Jahn, from Griefenburg, Pommern. Franz died April 10, 1958. Mrs. Johanna Koepsel died June 11, 1954, survived by "her husband, four sons (Fred, Reinhold, Erdrich and Albert) and two daughters (Lydia and Hattie) and 21 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren". (Note, for more information on the Koepsel family, click here.)

Frank and Joanna are buried in the Little Sister Cemetery

Frank: 1874-1958

Johanna: 1877-1954

The children of Franz and Johanna Koepsel Strege were:

Friedrich Ervin Bernhard Strege

Friedrich was born June 14, 1898 in Liberty Grove and baptized on July 3 (#261 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Heinrich Strege, Heinrich Koepsel and Bertha Hoefert geb. Koepsel. He may have married Ida Bruseth on June 23, 1920.

Hedwig Amanda Louise Strege

Hedwig "Hattie" was born August 28, 1899 and baptised on Sept. 10 (#273 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Bertha Strege geb. Zahn, Louise Zahn geb. Strege and Richard Strege; and died September 13, 1899 in Liberty Grove (#71 in the death register).

Reinhold Strege

Reinhold was born May 10, 1901 in Liberty Grove and married Dorothea Dorn, daughter of Karl Dorn and Elizabeth geb Micheley on August 24, 1927 in Liberty Grove (#62 in the marriage register). Witnesses were Reinhard Hoefert and Leona Zachow. (Elizabeth Dorn, "Frau Karl" died June 2, 1934, mother of four children: Alfred, Dorothea, Emil and Hulda). Reinhold and Dorothea are buried in the Little Sister Cemetery: Reinhold E. 1901-1858; and Dorothy 1909-1969. They had two children:

1--Roland C. Strege, who married JoAnn C. Anderson of Fish Creek, #86 in the marriage register, License #144, on November 11, 1950. Witnesses were Arthur Strege and Donna Weiterman.

2.--Arthur Otto Wilhelm Strege (the Arthur above who witnessed his brother's marriage), who married Laura Polster of Fish Creek on Feb. 9, 1957. They had four children: Janet Strege Stiglich; Jean Strege Herrmann (deceased); Joyce Stege Gohr; and Ronald Strege.

Lydia Strege

Lydia was born about 1904 and married Theodore Koesel on October 28, 1925 (#59 in the marriage register). Theodore was the son of Wilhelm Kuesel and Maria geb. Proehl. Witnesses were Wilhelm Koesel, Reinhold Strege, Bertha Koepsel and Elsie Hoefert.

Starting about 1885, Rev. Kuesel was the pastor of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church. There are a number of Kuesel or Koesels buried in Little Sister Cemetery:

William H. Kuesel Wisc. PVT 1CL 55 Encrs, Jan. 9, 1937-Oct. 16, 1986 Co. A. A.E.F. (Mil.Marker) next to:

Theodore 1891-1968 ossw

Lydia 1903-1975 next to:

Theodore C. Kuesel/Wisc./Pvt9 Co. 5 Dev.8A, 154 DB/WWI March 3, 1891 to Oct. 11, 1968 (Mil Marker)

Rev. Wm. H. Kuesel born Sept. 8, 1844 died April 16, 1908 next to:

Maria Kuesel/Schultz/Born July 29, 1859 died July 14, 1936.

Erdrich Strege

Erdrich was born Feb. 3, 1906 and married Irene Bahlert, daughter of Gunther and Martha Bahlert geb Jahns on September 22, 1926 (#61 in the marriage register). Witnesses were Alfred Hoefert and Edna Bahlert. Erdrich and Irene are buried in the Little Sister Cemetery: Erdreich 3 Feb. 1906 to Oct. 16, 2001; (same stone) Irene June 7, 1906 to Sept. 5, 1996

Hedwig Strege

The second Hedwig, or "Hattie" (Amanda) was born April 11, 1909 and baptized at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ellison Bay on May 30, 1909.

Albert Strege

Albert was born January 19, 1915 and died February 28, 1986. He married Alma Pelke on November 14, 1936 in Liberty Grove (#69 in the marriage register). Witnesses were Dorothy Krause and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Richmond plus one other which was illegible. Albert and Alma are buried in the Little Sister Cemetery: Albert E. 1915-1986; Alma E. 1917-blank.

NOTE: In the records at the courthouse in Sturgeon Bay, the record of a marriage of Joseph F. Strege, son of Frank and Hannah, was found. He married Edith Gerdman on October 24, 1923. No other information was found on him in any church records that were screened. The below obituary, which was found and could not be definitely matched up anywhere, could be the child of the above Joseph and Edith.

Door County Advocate June 25, 1926 Baby Dies: Norman Strege, age two weeks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Strege of this city, died of convulsions last week Tuesday after an illness of three days. He is survived by his parents and a sister, Jeanette, age 2. The funeral was held at one o'clock from the Baileys Harbor Lutheran Church last week Tuesday with Rev. Eggert officiating.

Mathilde Louise Albertine Strege

Mathilde was born May 23, 1876 in Milwaukee and baptized in June at Friedens Church in Milwaukee with witnesses Albert Uttech, Albertine Uttech and Mathilde Strege. She was confirmed in the Liberty Grove church in 1888 (#84 in the confirmation register). She married Albert Friedrich Carl Zahn on May 15, 1891. (note earlier church records spell this as Jahn) The number on the marriage register is 27 and the witnesses to the marriage included Herman Rowe, Franz Strege and Bertha Rowe. On this register, Mathilda's father is shown as being from Kleinzoplien, Hinter-Pommern. Albert was from Bailey's Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin, but was born in Ludwighurst, Pommern Feb. 1, 1864. On the 1910 census for Egg Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin they are shown as: Albert, age 46, married 19 years; Louise M. age 34, married 19 years mother of 8 children, all living; Albert C. age 17; Louise M. age 15; Alma A. age 13; Mary B. age 11; William age 9; Theodore age 7; Amanda age 4; and Elmer A., one month. Louise died March 17, 1950. Albert died Feb. 23, 1953, per records at the courthouse in Sturgeon Bay. His father was shown as Carl Zahn, mother unknown.

Albert Zahn filed his declaration of intent to become a U.S. citizen on Jan. 12, 1926 in Door County. He stated he was 61 years old, 5'8" and 170 pounds with gray hair, a retired farmer, born in Netelfitz, Germany on Feb. 1, 1864 and currently living in Bailey's Harbor. He came to the U.S. from Bremen, arriving in Baltimore on or about April, 1879 on the ship Frankfort, and married Louisa Strege, born in Milwaukee.

Albert Zahn later filed his petition for naturalization, where he listed his children. He filed this document on Jan. 16, 1928.

On January 16, 1928, Albert Carl Zahn applied for citizenship. He stated he was born in Netelfitz, Germany on February 1, 1864, his wife was Louise. He listed his children as follows:

1. Albert, born May 28, 1892

2. Louisa, born June 17, 1894, baptized July 1.

3. Annie, born June 12, 1896

4. Marie, born June 26, 1898

5. William, born June16, 1900

6. Theodore, born October 1, 1902

7. Mande, born April 12, 1906

8. Elmer, born March 12, 1910

9. Evelyn, born January 16, 1914

All above are listed as having been born in Bailey's Harbor. Albert, William H. and Evelyn are listed as still living in Bailey's Harbor; Mande was shown as living in Milwaukee; Louisa, Marie, Theodore, and Elmer were shown as living in Chicago; and Annie as living in Pittsburgh, Florida.

Ida Kay Orsted, who lives in Door County, had the following information on the Zahn family: "My aunt was married to Walter Zahn son of August. I believe August and Albert were maybe cousins??? 'Albert was the eldest of nine children. He came to the United States on July 4, 1904 at the age of 26. He was the only one of his family to come to the United States. Albert Zahn changed his name to August after arriving in America because his uncle, also named Albert Zahn, was already living in the U.S. and had a son named Albert, Jr. That would have made it quite confusing. He lived with his uncle Albert, who had settled in Bailey's Harbor.' I know that they are different people but look at the close names. Also I believe your Albert Zahn from Bailey's Harbor is the man who did the bird carvings. Also, Albert Zahn's grandson Edward is married to Elaine Orsted Zahn, my husband's aunt and uncle. Also, another relative of Albert's (I think great grandson) is county treasurer of Door County."

The children of Mathilde Louise and Albert Friedrich Zahn that birth records are available for are:

Albert Carl Friedrich Zahn

Albert Zahn's World War 1 Draft Application

Albert Zahn's World War 1 Draft Application

Albert was born May 28, 1892 and baptized June 5 (#217 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Carl Zahn, Robert Mueller and Bertha Strege geb. Jahn. He died Feb. 14, 1958 at the V.A. Hospital in Milwaukee.

Louise Emma Mathilda Zahn

Louise was born June 17, 1893 and was baptized July 1 (#232 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Franz Strege, Emma Wilke, Fr. Hoefer geb. Stern.

Anna Emma Bertha Zahn

Anna was born June 12, 1896 and baptized June 21 (#243 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Mathilde Strege and Anna Wilke.

Marie Bertha Mathilde Zahn

Marie was born June 26, 1898 and baptized July 2(?) (#260 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Mathilda Strege, Bertha Wilke geb Schulz and Richard Strege.

Wilhelm Herman Friedrich Zahn

Wilhelm Zahn's World War 1 Draft Application

Wilhelm Zahn's World War 1 Draft Application

Wilhelm was born June 16, 1900 and was baptized July 15 (#283 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Friedrich Wilke, Herman Schulz and Johanne Strege geb. Koepsel. He married Leona O. Burkart and died Sept. 7, 1991 in Door County, age 91.

NOTE: In records found in Sturgeon Bay at the courthouse, Theodor Otto Zahn was baptized November 9, 1901. No other information is available on this child except his was a child of Albert and Louise.

Other Zahns buried in Bayside Cemetery (from all available research these are NOT related to the above family but not 100% positive)

Vernia, died May 30, 1922 18 years

Bertha, died May 8, 1890, 8 years

Julius and Arthur, died June 3, 1888 3 months

Hugo Theodore Wisconsin BM1 U.S.C.G. WWI October 19, 1879-January 16, 1955

Charles Father died Nov. 23, 1931 78 years (See obit at the end of this web document under Miscellaneous Obituaries)

Elnor Mother wife of Charles died April 23, 1906 54 years (See obit at the end of this web document under Miscellaneous Obituaries)

Adeline, 1888-1971

Herman 1884-1956

From the information posted by Ida Kay Orsted on the Door County Genweb site: Carl A. Zahn T-4 Army died June 8, 1944 in Eitaipe, New Guinea and is buried in the Manila American Cemetery on 6-23-1944, Philippines.


Richard Heinrich Albert Strege

Richard Strege's World War 1 Draft Application

Richard Strege's World War 1 Draft Application

Richard was born December 25, 1880 in Liberty Grove and confirmed on April 29, 1894 (#104 in the confirmation register). He married Emilie Shultz on September 11, 1907 (#42 in the marriage register). Witnesses to the marriage were Gustav Mueller, Hulda Strege, Emma Hoefert and William Schultz. He died March 24, 1953, widower.

Note: on the WorldConnect Project, James R. Strege has put up the ancestry of Richard Heinrich Albert Strege, married to Emilie Charlotte Franziska Schultz. I e-mailed him to ask his permission to put up his information here, but he did not reply to my e-mail, therefore anyone seeking information on this branch should consult his research on the WorldConnect Project.

Limited information that was found in the Liberty Grove Church records on the Schultz family can be found at the end of this page, or click here to go directly.

In 1880, Heinrich Strege was also living in Liberty Grove, shown on the census as Hendie, age 34, with his wife Bartha, 35. Their children included Edvard, 13; Agusta, 9; Frank, 6; Savefe, 4; and Fredrick, 69. Fredrick his listed as the father-in-law of the head of the household (Heinrich).

On the 1900 census, Heinrich Strege is shown as Henry Straga, born November, 1846, being 53 years old, married for 34 years. His wife is shown as Bretha, born December 1842, being 55 years old, the mother of 5 children, all living. A son, Richard, is 19, having been born December, 1880; Frank is 26, having been born February of 1874 and married 2 years. His wife, Hannah, was born July of 1879 and is 22. Their son Frederick is 2 years old. Herdwick, a daughter, is 12 months. (Note: this last child, born August 28, 1899, died of Infant Cholera September 13, 1899.) Fredrich, the father, born September 1811 is 88.

By the 1910 census, Heinrich is shown as Henry Stroge, age 62, with his wife Bertha, age 64. They list living in their house their son Frank, 36 and daughter-in-law Johanna, 33. Frank and Johanna Koepel were married October 15, 1897 in Door County. Frank and Johanna's children are shown as Fredrik, 11; Reinholt, 7; Lydia, 6; Endruth, 5; Hadvik, 1; and a final listing for Joseph, who is either 10 months or 10 years. Edward, Jr. and his wife Auta are shown living in a separate household, ages 43 and 44, with their sons Walter, 16 and Adolph, 6. A birth record shows one of Frank and Hanna's children was Reinhart, born May 10, 1901, it may be the 7 year old Reinholt with his age being shown incorrectly. Richard is living with Emilie, ages 29 and 21 with a listing of their having had one child that died.

By the 1920 census, Heinrich is shown as Henry, age 73 and Bertha, age 75. Edward, Jr. is now 53 and his wife Augusta is 43. Henry, Bertha and Edware are shown as aliens who immigrated in 1874 and do not speak English. Their son Adolph, age 16, lives with them. Frank, Jr. and Johanna are 46 and 42, living in a separate household. Their children are Fred, 21; Rienhold, 18; Lydia, 16; Erdrich, 13; Hattie, 10; and Albert, 5.

Ida Caroline Tugendreich Strege

Ida was born Sept. 18 or 19, 1849 and baptised October 15. Witnesses were Ida Kotterman, Wilhelmine Witte and Carle Muller. Ida died March 16, 1858, and was buried on March 20. Tugendreigh apparently means in German something akin to naming a child "Faith" or "Hope".

Wilhelmine Auguste Caroline Strege

Birth Record (1854, Batwitz)

Wilhelmine Auguste was born April 11, 1854 in Batzwitz, Pommern, daughter of Fredrick and Dorothea Heidemann Strege, and baptized on April 23. Witnesses were (first name illegible) Behling or Bohling, from Kleis Zapplin, (first name illegible) Zabel of Batzwitz and Wilhelmine (illegible word) Wachboedt of Batzwitz. She married, on April 13, 1876, August Ferdinand Butzlaff, who was born May 15, 1850 born in Glansee, Kreis Greifenberg (according to a family bible).

August Ferdinand Butzlaff's father was Martin Butzlaff. His mother was Maria Hoge, born August 30, 1818 and died Dec. 20, 1898. Maria Hoge Butzlaff is buried in the Oak Wood Cemetery in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

Ottile Maria Rosa Butzlaff (1880) Wilhelmine Auguste Caroline Strege (1854) August Ferdinand Butzlaff (1850) Agnes Mathilda Emilie Butzlaff (1883) Albert Martin Friedrich Butzlaff (1878) Ida Emilie Albertina Butzlaff (1877) Friedrich Carl Ferdinand Butzlaff (1882) Gustav Johannes Friedrich Butzlaff (1893) Wilhelm Friedrich Ferdinand Butzlaff (1891) Albert Gustav Ferdinand Butzlaff (1885) Elisa Albertina Butzlaff (1874) Else Auguste Bertha Butzlaff (1889) Ferdinand Friedrich Herman Carl Butzlaff (1887)

            Family of August Ferdinand Butzlaff and Wilhelmine Auguste Caroline Strege

Left to right:								Birth Order	Approx. age 1903 

Back row:  	Albert Martin Friedrich (Martin) (12/13/1878)			3		25
		Ida Emilie Albertina (9/8/1877)					2		26
		Friedrich Carl Ferdinand (Fred) (2/7/1882)			5		21

Third row:	Albert Gustav Ferdinand (4/24/1885)				7		18
		Elisa Albertina Strege (Lizzie)  (12/15/1874)			1		29
		Else Auguste Bertha (3/2/1889)					9		14
		Ferdinand Fredrich Herman Carl (2/2/1887)			8		16

Second row:  	Far left:  Gustav Johannes Friedrich (4/10/1893)		11		10
		Far right:  Wilhelm Friedrich Ferdinand (8/31/1891)		10		12

Front row:	Ottilie Maria Rosa (Tillie) (7/29/1880)				4		23
		Mother, Wilhelmine (4/11/1854)							49
		Father, August (5/15/1850)							53
		Agnes Mathilda Emilie (Aggie) (9/3/1883)			6		20


Martin and Maria Butzlaff also had a daughter, Caroline, born June 19, 1845, who married Augustus Buege on July 17, 1870 at St. John's Church, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. She died on January 28, 1922 and is buried at Wanderers Rest Cemetery in Milwaukee County. Her husband, Augustus, died September 6, 1924 and is buried with Caroline. They had a son, Gustav, born May 7, 1871 who married Martha Pohl on September 24, 1902. Martha was born December 24, 1873 and died June 26, 1939. Gustav Buege died June 15, 1942.

Augustus Buege Caroline Butzlaff Gustav Buege Martha Pohl

Martin and Maria Butzlaff had another daughter, Emelia, born October 17, 1854. On April 2, 1875 she married Carl Friedrich Julius Froemming in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Carl Froemming was the son of Johann Friedrich Froemming and Auguste Baumann. He was born October 9, 1841 in Zachow, Pommern. Emelia and Carl had five children: Emil Ferdinand, born July 8, 1878; Elizabeth, born March of 1880 and married William Voss on May 17, 1904; John, born in September of 1886 and married Lydia Friedl on February 11, 1911; Amy, born in September of 1888; and William born in January of 1891.

Ferdinand Butzlaff Obituary, 1910

Wilhelmine Strege and August Ferdinand Butzlaff were married August 13, 1876 at Friedens Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Witnesses at their marriage were Carl Froeming and August Buege. Some of their children were baptized at the Friedens Church in Milwaukee and some (two of whom had Uttech godparents) were baptised at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

On the 1880 census Wilhelmine and Ferdinand are living in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Ferdinand Butzlaff is 30 and Wilhemine is 26. Their children are Eliza, 5; Ida, 3; and Martin, 1. Ferdinand's mother, Mary, was also living in Wauwatosa, but at the household of her daughter Amelia, son-in-law Charles Froeming and their children: Gustaff, 10; Ida, 8; Charles, 7; Emil, 2; and Elizabeth.

On November 1, 1884, Ferdinand Butzlaff purchased 53 and one-third acres of land (exclusive of the public highway and one cow being kept on the land) located in the west quarter of the north east quarter of Section 22, Township 6 North, Range 22 East. The northeast quarter of Section 22 is bordered by Howard Avenue to the north, Coldspring Road to the south, 68th Street on the west and 60th Street on the east, in the town of Greenfield.

By 1885 they had joined St. John's Evangelical Church located at 68th and Forest Home Avenue in Greenfield, Wisconsin. The death record for Wilhelmine Auguste Strege Butzlaff in the St. John's book shows her as having come from Batzwitz, Pommern. She died February 24, 1917, Ferdinand August having died November 27, 1910. Part one of Wilhelmine's will stipulates that $200 be used for a monument to be erected on the family plot at St. John's Lutheran Church. Wilhelmine and Ferdinand are both buried there.


The children of Ferdinand and Wilhelmine:

Elisa Albertina Butzlaff

Elisa was born December 15, 1874 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She married August Stuedemann on April 2, 1893 in Greenfield, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

Ida Emilie Albertina Butzlaff

Ida was born September 8, 1877 and married Adam Buenger, son of Fritz and Wilhelmine Buenger, on April 14, 1900 in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

Albert Martin Friedrich Butzlaff

Albert Butzlaff's World War 1 Draft Application

Martin Butzlaff's World War 1 Draft Application

Albert was born December 13, 1878 in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin and married Ida Emilie Maria Schmidt in Milwaukee.

Ottilie Maria Rosa Butzlaff

Ottilie was born July 29, 1880 in Milwaukee and married Alfred A. Huth on September 23, 1900. Alfred was the son of Ernst and Johanne Huth and was born on June 18, 1879 in Root Creek, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Ottilie was known as Tillie and died July 24, 1949 in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Friedrich Carl Ferdinand Butzlaff

Fred Butzlaff's World War 1 Draft Application

Fred Butzlaff's World War 1 Draft Application

Social Security Death Index

Name: Fred Butzlaff
SSN: 392-07-6556
Last Residence: Wisconsin
Born: 7 Feb 1882
Died: Jun 1964
State (Year) SSN issued: Wisconsin (Before 1951 )

Friedrich was born February 7, 1882 in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin and married Alma Krueger on April 14, 1907 in Greenfield, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. He died June 9, 1964 in Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Agnes Mathilda Emilie Butzlaff

Agnes was born September 3, 1883. She married Louis Kleist on November 15, 1908. Louis was the son of Albert and Theresa Kleist.

Albert Gustav Ferdinand Butzlaff

Albert was born April 24, 1885 in Greenfield, Wisconsin. He married Clara Stuedemann on August 27, 1905. Clara was the daughter of Johann and Wilhelmine Stuedemann.

Ferdinand Fredrich Herman Carl Butzlaff

Ferdinand was born February 2, 1887 in Greenfield, Wisconsin. He married Alida M. Kahl. Alida died March 30, 1963 in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and Ferdinand died on May 7, 1970 in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Else Auguste Bertha Butzlaff

Social Security Death Index

Name: Else Stuedemann
SSN: 397-46-7144
Last Residence: 53132  Franklin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Born: 2 Mar 1889
Died: Oct 1980
State (Year) SSN issued: Wisconsin (1963 )

Else was born March 2, 1889 in Greenfield, Wisconsin. She married Johann Carl Friedrich Stuedemann on October 23, 1905. Johann was the son of Johann and Wilhelmine Stuedemann and was born January 3, 1881 in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. He died April 24, 1946 in Greenfield, Wisconsin and she died in October of 1980.

Wilhelm Friedrich Ferdinand Butzlaff

Wilhelm Butzlaff's World War 1 Draft Application

His World War 1 Draft Application

Wilhelm was born August 31, 1891 and married Frieda Martha Shubert in January of 1915. Frieda was the daughter of Heinrich Oswald and Emilie (Roch) Shubert and she was born in April 1896 in Wisconsin, according to the 1900 census. Wilhelm and Frieda had 12 children. He died February 28, 1956 and she died November 1, 1967.

Gustav Johannes Friedrich Butzlaff

Gustav Butzlaff's World War 1 Draft Application

Gustav Butzlaff's World War 1 Draft Application

Gustav was born April 10, 1893 in Greenfield, Wisconsin. He married Lydia Clara Hupe on October 2, 1920 at the pastor's house in West Allis, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Lydia was born June 7, 1902 and was the daughter of John Christian Hupe and Dorothea Korbahn. Gustav served in World War I as a private in the 341st Infantry in the 86th Division. Gustav died August 24, 1939 and Lydia died December 19, 1989. Gustav and Lydia had three children:

Ruth Dorothy Else Butzlaff

Ruth was born May 4, 1922 in Greenfield, Wisconsin and married Edwin C. Bohl on April 20, 1959 at Crown Point, Indiana. Edwin was born July 23, 1903, the son of Charles C. and Elizabeth Bohl. Edwin died August 30, 1983 and Ruth died in West Allis, Wisconsin on January 4, 1989.

Gilbert Gustav Gerald Butzlaff

Gilbert was born April 16, 1926 in Greenfield, Wisconsin. He married Evelyn Jane Wachendorf on June 3, 1950 in Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin. Evelyn was born on July 20, 1927, the daughter of Reuben Andrew Wachendorf and Elsie Ann Albright.

Raymond Arthur Butzlaff

Raymond was born January 17, 1935. He married Elaine Helen Erhardt on October 9, 1954. Elaine is the daughter of Frank Erhardt and Dorothy Strasser.

Erich Heinrich Edward Butzlaff

Erich was born March 2, 1895 in Greenfield, Wisconsin and died March 3, 1896 in Greenfield.

Wilhelm Herman Friedrich Strege

In the records found in the Batzwitz Church, Wilhelm Herman Friedrich Strege, third son of Friedrich Strege of Henkenhagen married Friedrike Louise Schacht, daughter of Friedrich Schacht of Coldemanz on November 9, 1866/67/68. He was 26.

There is one other indication that these families, the Streges, the Uttechs, the Mullers and the Hartwigs were interconnected. They applied together in groups to make their declaration of intent to become U.S. citizens. The first group was on March 16, 1880 as follows:

Heinrich Strege, born 1846 in Germany, landed in New York on or about May, 1872.

Freidrich Uttech, born 1836 in Germany, landed in New York on or about May, 1874.

Charles Muller, born 1856 in Germany, landed in New York on or about May, 1870.

Edward Strege, born 1842 in Germany, landed in Baltimore on or about May, 1876.

Albert Uttech, born 1856 in Germany, landed in New York on or about May, 1874.

Another two applied for the declaration on October 21, 1882:

Charles Uttech, born 1861 in Germany, landed in New York on or about May, 1875.

Robert Miller, born 1861 in Germany, landed in New York on or about April, 1870.

Three more applied for the declaration on October 20, 1884:

Albert Hartwig, born 1859 in Germany, landed in Port Huron on or about April, 1882.

Heinrich Hartwig, born 1856 in Germany, landed in Port Huron on or about April, 1882.

Friedrich Hartwig, born 1834 in Germany, landed in Port Huron on or about April, 1882.

Unknown Strege marriage:

Unknown Streges in Little Sister Cemetery:

1. Strege, Ronald W., Jr. 1972-1996

2. On the same stone with Ronald: Ronald W. Sr. 1945; Bernadette 1950

3. The next stone: Allen Lee Strege August 3, 1944-November 4, 1989.


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