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Related Strege Families

(LaVine, Koepsel, Mueller, Bonin, Schulz, Zahn, Hinz, Vandrey)

The following related families are found on this page:


Emma Albertine Bertha Strege, daughter of Eduard Strege, married Napolean LaVine. For details on them, see the Strege page of this web document.

Wisconsin records show that George Napolean LaVine was born in Egg Harbor on October 8, 1867, son of John LaVine and Margaret Hebert. His siblings were:

1. Celia LaVine was born April 5, 1855 Washington Co. NY--note, Washington County is northeast of Saratoga.

2. Charles LaVine, born May 31, 1857 St. Peters, Canada.--Note, this may be Nova Scotia.

3. Louise LaVine, born May 28, 1864 Egg Harbor. She married George Odette February 26, 1881.

4. William LaVine, born October 14, 1871, Egg Harbor.

While doing research on the Streges and Uttechs, an obituary was found for William:

Obituary of William LaVine

Door County Advocate December 30, 1927

William LaVine Dies

Egg Harbor-William LaVine a native of this township, died at his home here Monday afternoon after having been seriously ill from a paralytic stroke suffered twelve weeks ago.

Mr. LaVine was born 56 years ago and has spent all his life here following the trade of a painter and carpenter and sometimes engaging in fishing. He is survived by his wife and one brother, Napoleon, who resides at Sturgeon Bay.

The funeral was held yesterday morning at 9:00 from the Catholic Church here with the Rev. Father Barrett officiating, and interment was at the local Catholic cemetery.

Among those who are here to attend the funeral are Mrs. Louis Baraboo, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Baraboo, George Odette and Joseph Odette, all of Fond du Lac.

The LaVines are buried in Bayside Cemetery in Sturgeon Bay: G. Napoleon LaVine, father, 1867-1944 and Emma, mother, 1882-1964.

Door County Advocate December 30, 1927: Napoleon LaVine, who has been in a hospital at Madison for several months past, returned home last week very much improved in health.


Franz Carl Wilhelm Strege, son of Gottlieb Heinrich Herman Strege, married Joanna Koepsel. Some information on the Koepsel family was found while doing the research for the Uttechs and Streges and is presented below.

A brother of Johanna may have been located. Henry Koepsel petitioned for citizenship September 24, 1913. He stated he was born April 17, 1870 in Schlestien, Germany and came to the U.S. from Germany on or about September, 1892 on the vessel Herman. He had made his declaration of intent in Milwaukee on March 27, 1894. His wife is listed as Ida Prust and they resided in Liberty Grove as of 1913 and had three children: August, born December (11 or 4), 1895 in Milwaukee; Henry, born October 2, 1898 in Milwaukee; and Willie, born March 4?, 1904 in Liberty Grove. Heinrich Koepsel died Jan. 31, 1920 and Ida Prust Koepsel remarried. She remarried Paul Moegenburg, the son of Wilhelmine. Paul filed a petition for naturalization on November 28, 1924. He stated he was born December 30, 1877 in Bremen, Germany and left in June of 1879 on board the Vesterland or Westerland. He had filed his declaration of intent to become a citizen on April 21, 1919 in Sister Bay. His wife was Ida Koepsel, born December 20, 1879 in Leoshoff?, Germany. They were married Nov. 6, 1920 and lived in Liberty Grove with one child, Martin, born January 16, 1910. Martin was born and resided at that time in Ephraim. For more information on the Moegenburgs, see the Uttech page of this web site.

Johanna may also have had a sister Bertha. On August 31, 1929, Else Hoefert, daughter of Albert Hoefert and Bertha geb Koepsel, married Joseph Stahl, of 5456 38th Street in Milwaukee (#63 in the marriage register). Bertha is buried in Little Sister Cemetery: Bertha Hoefert, 1874 to 1959. Also buried there is Albert, 1873-1961 and Richard O. Hoefert July 20, 1901 to October 8, 1990.

Other Koepsel marriages recorded while doing this research are:

Myrtle Mae Koepsel of Sister Bay married John Henry Appel of Bailey's Harbor October 9, 1943 at Christ Lutheran Church (#80 in the marriage register, License #118). Witnesses were Frank Kodonko? and Bertha Koepsel.

Eldred August Koepsel of Bailey's Harbor married Mildred Marie Kemp of Ephraim (#81 in the marriage register, License #37) April 22, 1944 at Christ Lutheran Church. Witnesses were Austin ?, Eleanor Koepsel, John Moore and Peggy Paschke.

Katheryn A. Koepsel of Sturgeon Bay to Donald P. Spears of Milwaukee (#88 in the marriage register, License 290225 Milwaukee County) on April 5, 1952. Witnesses were Norman Niemi, Joan Sundheimer, John Breman and Mary Spears.

Other Koepsels in Little Sister Cemetery:

Henry, born April 17, 1870, died Jan. 31, 1920

August H. 1895-1973 ossw

Emma 1896-uncut

Father Henry J. 1897-1956

Herman 1872-1956 ossw:

Caroline 1865-1966

Other Koepsels found in the Evangelical Church of Batzwitz:

1.) Joachim Kopsel of Barcow died February 9, 1819 age 81 years, 9 months and 14 days.

2.) Johan Kiershafer and Dorothea Elizabeth Koepsel married in 1817

3.) Marie Kopsel died March 28, 1844, age 53 years and 3 months of pneumonia, widow of the deceased day laborer Bogislaff Beuchert. She was buried March 30, 1844.

4.) Charlotte Sophie Koepsel, wife of day laborer Ravenhorst, died October 13, 1847 and was buried October 16.

5.) Johann Kohler and Friederike Koepsell of Barkow were parents of Albertine Friedrike Wilhelmine, born September 29, 1848. She was baptized October 22. Witnesses were (first name illegible) Kohler, (first name illegible) Koepsel of Piepenburg, and (first name illegible) Medenwald?

6.) Caroline geb. Weber and (first name illegible) Carl Friedrich Koepsel had a son Carl Gustav Wilhelm, born July 9, 1867, Barkow. He was baptised July 11, with witnesses last names Stern and Kruger.

7.) (First name illegible) geb. Koepsel and Carl Wilhelm Stern had two children that were found in the records:

A. Johanne Friedrike Wilhelmine, born Barkow April 21, 1867 and baptized April 26.

B. Auguste Mathilde Carolilne, born Barkow, May 10, 1870, baptized May 15 with witnesses Caroline geb. Jahn, Caroline Kohler and August Stern.

8.) Caroline geb. Kopsel and Friedrich Harder of Rensin had a son Albert Reinhold Ferdinand born September 12, 1869 and baptized October 3 with witnesses Ferdinand Labs of Griefenberg, (first name illegible) Rulk (?) and (first name illegible) Bruss of Rensin.


While this family is not in the direct line of the Strege family, it intermarries into it. When the research was done on the Strege line it was decided to put up the existing research on this family line in order to assist any Mueller researchers.

Herman and Karoline Bonin Mueller

Herman Ferdinand Julius Mueller was born about 1831 in Prussia and died May 3, 1887 (#35 in the death register), father of ten children. He married Karoline Johanne Ernestine Bonin, who was born July 5, 1834 in Ruetzno, Hinter Pommern. She died June 16, 1893 in Liberty Grove (#52 in the death register), mother of five sons and five daughters. Herman Miller's death is recorded on Wisconsin death register #804 and shows the date of death as May 16, 1887 and his birth as April 4, 1831. His wife is shown as Caroline Bonin and his parents as August Miller and Caroline geb. Brikholtz, place of birth Heidelburg. On Wisconsin death register #1061, Caroline Miller, wife of Herman, shows her father as "J. Bonine" her mother's name is left blank. The date of death is shown as June 23, 1893 from cancer of the stomach.

Herman and Caroline are buried in the Little Sister Cemetery, where her name is spelled with a "C":

Herman Mueller May 1, 1821-May 4, 1887

His wife Caroline April 30, 1834-June 22, 1893.

It is believed their children were:

Ulrike Mueller

It is possible, but only speculation, that one daughter may be Ulrike Mueller, born about 1855, who married August Hempel. In one of the baptismal records from the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Liberty Grove, (#110), the son of August Hempel and Ulrike Mueller, was Carl Herman Albert Hempel, born Oct. 5, 1884. The godparents are Carl Mueller and Bertha Mueller, children of Karoline and Herman.

On the LDS web site, Friedrich Hempel and Johanna Ulrike Mueller are shown having daughters Ernestine and Johanna. In the research done for this project the only proof was found in a marriage register. M. Friedrich August Hemple, son of Christian Hemple, married Johanne Ulriche Muller August 1, 1874, daughter of Herman L.L. Moeller and Caroline F. C. Bonien. According to the information on the LDS web site, Ulrike died June 27, 1909 in Hendricks, Lincoln County, Minnesota.

On the 1880 Liberty Grove Census, Christian Hempel is shown as a 60 year old farmer from Prussia. His wife is Wilhelmine, 58 and their children include Herman, 14, Carlian (female), 15 and Bertha, 11. August Hempel is 28, Ulrike is 25 and their children are Clara, 11; William, 6; and Emma, 8.

Two of their children were found in doing this research: 1) Willie, born July 4, 1875 and died Feb. 15, 1882 of scarlet fever (Wisconsin death register #694) and 2) Robert, born July 31, 1880 and died Jan. 30, 1882 of typhoid fever (#673 on the Wisconsin death register). One daughter's marriage was also found: Mary J. Hempel, daughter of Christian Hempel and Minnie Hempel geb. Sitte married August Hoffman, engineer from Manitowoc June 6, 1885. Mary was shown as being from Sturgeon Bay. August's father is listed as Henry Hoffman and the witnesses were H. Hahn and Barbara Hahn. (Note: See end of this web page document under "Miscellaneous Obituaries for the obituary of William Sitte).

NOTE: See also "Misc. Obituaries" at the end of this web document for obituary of Herman Hempel

Carl Friedrich Emil Mueller

Carl was born in 1858, per census records. He married Albertine Anne Luise Hartwig. It is believed their children were:

Anna Bertha Mueller

Anna was born January 17, 1880 and baptized February 1, 1880 (#55 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Robert Mueller, Auguste Uttech and Bertha Strege.

Emma Carolina Wilhelmine

Emma was born December 19, 1881 and baptized in December (#86 on the baptismal register) with witnesses Ferdinand Mueller plus two other Muellers.

Augusta Ulrike Dorothea Mueller

Augusta was born May 10, 1884 and baptized May 25, 1884 (#129 on the baptismal register) with witnesses Robert Mueller, Ulrike Hempel and Auguste Hartwig.

Albert Mueller, born 1889

Emil Mueller, born 1891

Paul Mueller, born 1893

Meta Mueller, born 1895

Armen (male) Mueller, born 1898

Raymond Mueller, born 1899

On the 1910 census Albertina stated she was the mother of eleven children, 8 living. While Emil, Paul, Meta, Armen and Raymond were the only ones living at home at that time, Albert was listed on the 1905 census. Anna Bertha and Augusta Dorothea may be two of the three children that died and there are three others that are not known due to the discrepancies between taking information from two birth records and the balance from the census.

Albert Friedrich Theodore

Albert was found while going through the church records from Batzwitz. Since he does not appear in the U.S. records it is probable he died before the family came over to the United States. He was born June 3, 1859 and baptized on July 10. Witnesses included Friedrich Prahl, Johann Bonin and Friedrike Kliese.

Robert Friedrich Eduard Mueller

Robert was born Sept. 11, 1861 in Bandekow, Pommern, and baptized on September 22. Witnesses at the baptism werre Friedrich Muller of Batzwitz, Eduard Streg of Batzwitz and Friedrike Bonnin. For information on Robert, please see the information under Albertine Augustine Wilhelmine Strege, his wife, who is listed as a daughter of Eduard Strege. Please note, however, that the following information is not presented there, which deals with Robert Mueller's remarriage. Albertine died before the Liberty Grove, Door County, Wisconsin 1900 census was taken. On that census, Robert Mueller is shown as remarried, living with "Mary", age 48. Some of Robert and Albertine's children are living with them but other children are present with the surname Kinderman, which is probably the married name of the widow Mary who Robert married after Albertine died. They are: Lizzie, 11; Albert, 11; Minie, 7; Richard, 5; Gustaf Kinderman, 15; Anna Kinderman, 9; and Mary Kinderman, 7. Robert's second wife Mary is buried in the Little Sister Cemetery where her stone reads Mrs. Robert Mueller. Her plot is located with two Kinderman family stones. The dates on her stone read: May 18, 1851-June 3, 1927. Her obituary:

Door County Advocate June 24, 1927

Mrs. R. Miller, Liberty Grove Pioneer is Dead

Sister Bay-Mrs. Robert Miller, who has been a resident of Liberty Grove township for the past 44 years, died at the St. Vincent's hospital in Green Bay June 3 from diabetes at the age of 76. The funeral services were held at the Catholic Church here, and interment was at the Little Sister Bay Cemetery beside her first husband. A very large number attended the final rites. Mrs. Miller was born in Austria May 18, 1851 and came to this country while still a young woman. After being here a short time, she was married to John Kindermann, who died April 7, 1895. Three children were born to this union: Gustav, Baileys Harbor; Mrs. Zack Endes; and Mrs. Mary Eisele, Milwaukee. Several years later, Mrs. Miller was married to Robert Miller who survives together with one sister, Mrs. H. Hempel, Milwaukee, and two sisters in Austria, five grandchildren and three stepchildren. Honest, earnest and thoroughly dependable in all things, Mrs. Miller enjoyed the confidence of everyone.

NOTE: In doing research for this project, the death of John Kinderman was located. He died April 10, 1896 at age 43 of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Robert Muller made his declaration of intent to become a U.S. citizen on December 31, 1880, stating he was born on or about the year of 1859 and landed at Baltimore on or about November of 1872. He filed this document on the same day that August Rove or Rowe, husband of Augustine Bonin Rowe filed his.

Berta Auguste Wilhelmine Mueller

Berta was born in Bandekow, Pommern October 5, 1863 and baptized on October 18. The witnesses were Heinrich Loppnow, Auguste Muller Prahl and Wilhelmine Bonin Gross.

Herman Carl August Mueller

Herman was born April 21, 1878 and confirmed April 10, 1892 (#92 on the confirmation register).

Hulda Augusta Elrvine Mueller

Hulda married Friedrich Schmidt on October 12, 1894 (#28 on the marriage register). Witnesses to the marriage included Anna Schmidt, Oskar Schmidt, William Mueller and Marie Baeker. On this marriage register Caroline, Hulda's mother, is shown as from Rutznow, Hinter-Pommern. She died October 11, 1897 in Liberty Grove (#64 in the death register) and was buried October 14. She left two children.

Wilhelmine Auguste Henriette Mueller

Wilhelmine was born Dec. 11, 1865 and confirmed May 8, 1881 (#30 in the confirmation register). She married Carl Heinrich Langhor on November 14, 1890 (#24 in the marriage register). Witnesses to the marriage included Fritz Rove and Hulda Mueller. On this document, Wilhelmine's mother Caroline is shown as being from Heidebeck, Hinter-Pommern.

Wilhelm Heinrich Ferdinand Mueller

Wilhelm was born in 1868, per the 1880 census where he was 12. He married Dorothea Brandt on October 23, 1895 (#31 on the marriage register). The marriage register shows Wilhelm as being born in Sellin, Pommern. Marie Dorothea Brandt is shown as being born in Oak Kreek, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, daughter of Heinrich Brandt and Sophie geb. Bechin or Bochin. Witnesses to the marriage included Herman Mueller, Heinrich Brandt and Emma Wilke. The baptismal information on one of their children was found while doing this research, apparently Wilhelm named one of his sons after himself: Wilhelm Heinrich Ferdinand Mueller, born October 13, 1896, baptised November 15 (#247 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Ferdinand Mueller, Caroline Tesnow geb. Urban and W. Herman Brandt.

Joanna Mueller

The above information accounts for 5 sons and 3 daughters, and in the death information it states there were ten children, five girls, five boys. One additional daughter is on the 1880 census, Bertha, aged 18, born 1862, and another son, August, aged 4, born 1876. This then accounts for six sons and four daughters. As noted above, Albert Friedrich was found in the Batzwitz church records and does not appear in the US he may have died before the family left Germany. The last daughter may be Johanna, in a marriage register found: August F. W. Dorn, November 30, 1870, married Johanna E. Muller, daughter of Herman Moller and Croline Bonian. August is shown as the son of William Dorn and Marie Ottig (#2907 on Wisconsin Marriage Register). She may have been married a second time. Another marriage entry shows: August 1, 1874, M. Friedrich August Hempel, son of Christian Hempel, married Joanna Ulricke Mueller daughter of Herman Mueller and Caroline F.C. Bonien. See also the Dorn family on the Uttech page of this web document where Ernestine Muller marries William Dorn.

The "Other" Robert Mueller (Robert Friedrich August)

In the records of the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, there is another Robert Mueller. This Robert Mueller was born in Batzwitz, Pommern on July 17, 1859 and was baptised on July 17. Witnesses were Friedrich Strege, Caroline Zibell and Friedrich Prahl. His parents were Ernst Friedrich Muller and Bertha Winter. He married Louise Zahn or Jahn. Louise's sister was Bertha Jahn Strege, who married Heinrich. On the entry for her death in the church register (#114) she is shown as Louise Vierhuf, geb. Jahn, born Jan. 17, 1856 in Griefenburg and died December 28, 1928, 72 yrs., 11 m., and 12 days. (She had remarried after Robert Mueller died.) It shows she is a sister of Bertha Strege and children are shown as Gustav, Erick, Wilhelm, Joanna Mueller, Martha Vierhuf, Clara Hoffner and Margaret Anderson. On State of Wisconsin Marriage Record 633, Louise Zahn's mother's name is shown as Henriette Railu(?) and her father was Fred Zahn. Witnesses werre Carl Uttech and Henry Strege. They married on September 1, 1882. Robert Mueller is shown on the marriage entry (#13) as the son of Frdr. M. and Bertha geb. Winter. On the 1900 Liberty Grove, Door County, Wisconsin census, Louisa Miller is shown as a widow, age 44, living with father-in-law Friedrich. She is shown as the mother of 8 children, 8 living. Robert had died April 15, 1899 (#69 in the death register). On the Wisconsin death register #1484 he is shown as the son of F. Muller and Bertha Winter, and died 39 years, 8 months and 2 days, born July 17, 1859.

Louise is buried in the Little Sister Cemetery: 17 J? 1856 - 28 Dec. 1928. Robert Mueller's inscription, on the same stone, was too badly worn to read.

Before presenting the children of Robert Muller and Louise Zahn, the following records were found in the church book of Batzwitz relating to Muller/Winter (see the end of this web document for miscellaneous records from the Batzwitz church regarding Zahn):

1.) Winters--Robert Muller's mother was Bertha Winter:

A. Herman Leopold Julius Winter died December 12, 1844 age one year, three months and nine days.

B. Albert Julius Johan Winter born March 2(?), 1845, son of Peter Gottfried Heinrich Winter and Albertine (last name illegible). Witnesses included Wilhelmine Winter of Vannerow.

C. Gottfried and Albertine geb. Bruss Winter had the following children as were found:

1. Ida Wilhelmine Auguste, born April 12, 1849 and baptized April 18. Witnesses included (first name illegible) Timm from Trieglaff, (first name illegible) Rieke from Batzwitz and (first name illegible) Plehn of Zoven(?)

2. Herman Heinrich Leopold, born March 25, 1851 or 1852. Witnesses at this child's baptism were (first name illegible) Plehn from Coldmantz, Henrietta Genz from Trieglaff and (first name illegible) Thiele from Griefenberg.

3. Reinhold Herman Heinrich, born May 3, 1847 and baptized May 19. Witnesses included a witness, from Hackbarth or last name of Hackbarth, (first name illegible) Bruss and (first name illegible) Schulz.

2.) Ludwig Muller and Louise geb. Sponholz--their children as found in the records were:

A. Johann Carl Friedrich Erdmann, baptized on January 11, 1835.

B. Heinrich Wilhelm Julius Muller, born Oct. 29, 1939, son of Ludwig.

3.) Franz Ludwig Muller and Caroline Muller--their children as could be found:

A. Herman Friedrich Ludwig Muller, who died January 11, 1839, legitimate son of day laborer Franz Ludwig Muller and Caroline Muller.

B. Albert Friedrich Ferdinand, son of day laborer Ludwig Muller and Caroline, born June 8, 1844.

4.) August Friedrich Wilhelm Froelinger of Horst (?) and Albertine Wilhelmine Luise geb. Muller had one child that was found in the records:

A. Albertine Johanne Auguste, born March 11, 1858 and baptized on March 21. Witnesses included Bertha Bonin, August Hinz of Batzwitz and Johanne Froelinger.

5.) Other children of Ernst Friedrich Muller and Bertha geb. Winter (siblings of the above Robert Muller) as were found:

A. Elvine Emilie Auguste, born January 5, 1857 and baptized January 11 with witnesses Maria Winter of Hackbarth (?) (or married name Hackbarth?), Mathilda Winter from Treptow, wife of Robert Muller and Ferdinand Muller from Sellin.

B. Bernard Carl Friedrich born June 2, 1863 and baptized June 14. Witnesses were Friedrich Hackbarth (?) of Wittenfelde (?), Johan Janke of Batzwitz and Caroline Voigt of Batzwitz.

C. Johann August Friedrich Muller, (son of?) Ernst Fr. Wilhelm Muller died Dec. 18, 1858 and was buried Dec. 22.

6.) Ferdinand Zibell and Johanne geb. Muller had the following children as were found:

A. Albertine Wilhelmine Friedrike Henriette, born November 24, 1848.

B. Christian Friedrich Wilhelm, baptized August 31, 1856. Witnesses included Friedrich Prahl, Herman Schuckel (?) and Wilhelmine geb. Hinz Bonin.

C. Emilie Caroline Bertha, born March 31, 1859 and baptized April 10. Witnesses included Ferdinand (last name illegible), Caroline Schmidt and Bertha Baboltz.

D. Mathilde Caroline Maria, born October 6, 1861 and baptized October 20. Witnesses included Caroline geb. Harder Vandrey, Bertha Bonin, and Friedrich Lemke of Batzwitz.

7.) Wilhelm Zabell and Auguste geb. Muller had a daughter Johanne Caroline Friedrike born June 19, 1856 and baptized July 6. Witnesses included (first name illegible) Klug and Charlotte Jahnke.

8.) Friedrich Prahl and Auguste Wilhelmine Henriette Friedrike, daughter of Johanne Muller, married on December 22, 1847. He was 23. They had the following children as were found in the records:

A. Johann Friedrich Wilhelm, born Dec. 23, 1849.

B. Heinrich Friedrich August, born November 8, 1851, and baptized November 9. Witnesses included Johann Zabell, Louise (?) Bonin and (first name illegible) Wrensch. This child died December 2, 1858 and was buried on December 5.

C. Hanna Wilhelmine Fredericke, baptized July 16, 1854. Witnesses included Herman Muller, Wilhelmine Klug and (first name illegible) Zibell. This child died on November 28, 1858 and was buried on December 2.

D. Ferdinand Friedrich Ludwig, born March 30, 1857, and baptized in April. Witnesses included (first name illegible) Zibell, (first name illegible) Hinz and Bertha Winter, wife of Ernst Muller.

E. Friedrich Wilhelm Carl, born in January of 1852 and baptized on February 9. Witnesses were Wilhelm Muller of Barkow, Friedrich Klug of Batzwitz and Caroline geb. Laatsch Drier.

9.) Ludwig Friedrich Mueller, age 22, husband of Ernestine Friedrike Henriette geb. Wille (?) died September 3,1869.

10.) Albert Friedrich Wilhelm Rove of Vahnerow and Bertha Auguste Wilhelmine Muller had a daughter Elise Marie Johanne in May of 1869, and she was baptized on May 9 with witnesses Hanna Friedrike Muller, Auguste geb. Muller Froelinger and Friedrich Wilhelm Froelinger.

11.) Caroline geb. Muller and Ludwig Kruger had a daughter Wilhelmine Auguste Friedrike, born February 16, 1872. Witnesses at the baptism were Wilhelmine geb. Hackbarth Braemer (?) and Bertha geb. Bulow (?) (married name illegible) and (first name illegible) Rabanhorts of Barkow.

The children of Robert Muller and Louise Zahn on the 1910 census are shown as follows:

Emil, age 23

Gustav, age 16

Son age 14, name almost illegible

William, age 12

Martha, age 9

John, age 7

Elizabeth, age 6

Clara, age 4

Magie, age 1 (Note: This is nine children) The ones for whom church information was found are shown below:

Gustav Heinrich Otto Mueller

Gustav was born April 28, 1884 in Liberty Grove and baptized June 1, 1884 (#131 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Otto Mueller, Heinrich Strege and Fr. Auguste Uttech; and confirmed April 17, 1898 (#117 in the confirmation register).

Eric Julius Wilhelm Mueller

Erich was born January 16, 1886 and confirmed April 8, 1900 (#122 in the confirmation register). On State of Wisconsin Birth Record #2271 his name is shown as Emil. NOTE: An Eric Moeller, farmer from Liberty Grove, married Mary Siler of Liberty Grove on December 12, 1917 (#54 in the marriage register) with witnesses John Siler and Elsie Lange. It is not certain if this is the Eric Mueller above as he would have only been 17.

Wilhelm Bernard Albert Mueller

Wilhelm was born May 31, 1888 and baptized June 27 (#189 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Wilhelm Mueller, Bernhard Mueller and Albertine Strege. He was confirmed May 17, 1903 (#141 in the confirmation register).

Martha Emma Louise Mueller

Martha was born June or July 4, 1890 and baptized on August 3 (#198 in the confirmation register) with witnesses Louise Strege, Wilhelmine Mueller and Robert Mueller and confirmed on April 16, 1905 (#149 in the confirmation register). Martha married Emil Vierhuf on Dec. 17, 1913 (#51 in the marriage register), son of Julius Vierhuf and Alvina (?) geb Miller from Hendrick, Lincoln County, Minnesota. Note: The Vierhofs go back to the Liberty Grove 1880 census where Charles is shown as 48 and Henrigate as 48 both from Prussia. He is a farmer. Julius is 21, and Elvine, 23, daughter in law, living with them and their son John, 8.

Johann Ferdinand Friedrich Mueller

Johann was born July 22, 1892 and baptized August 21 (#221 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Ferd. Mueller, Bertha Strege geb. Jahn and Franz Strege; and confirmed June 10, 1906 (#155 in the confirmation register).

Elizabeth Anna Mathilda Mueller

Elizabeth was born May 4, 1893 and baptized July 1 (#228 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Herman Langhor, Hulda Mueller and Anna Wilke. On Wisconsin death register number 2939 Elizabeth Mueller, daughter of Robert and Louise Mueller, born May 21, 1894, died November 23, 1906, 12 years, 6 months and 19 days of cardiac dropsy. She is buried in Little Sister Cemetery: Elsie, daughter of R & L. Mueller, d. 23 Nov. 1906, born May----.

Clara Margaretha Emma Mueller

Clara was born May 9, 1896 and baptized July 19 (#244 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Richard Strege, Frau Heiser and Emma Wilke.

Margaretha Emma Marie Mueller

Margaretha was born July 9, 1898 and baptized August 28 (#262 in the baptismal register) with witnesses Emma Strege, Marie Kuesel and Fr. Wilke.

Unknown Mueller Births Recorded in the Liberty Grove Church:

1. Bernard Otto Wilhelm Mueller, "son of Friedrich" born May 8, 1871, confirmed June 28, 1885.

2. Emil Mueller born November 7, 1876 and died April 19, 1927.

Unknown Mueller Marriage:

Harry A. Mueller of Bailey's Harbor to Grace Josephine Monfils of Green Bay (#85 in the church marriage register, License #61) June 1, 1946. Witnesses were Darrell Monfils, brother of the bride and Miss Mildred Zahn, maid of honor.

Unknown Mueller Graves:

In the listing of Veterans buried in Door County, in St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery in Forestville: Walter F. Mueller and Andrew Mueller.

Unknown Mueller Obituary:

Door County Advocate June 15, 1928

Pioneer Resident, Forestville, Dies

Lived Fifty Years in County; Rites Held Sunday

Forestville-The entire community was shocked and grieved by the sudden death of Frank Mueller, Sr., who passed away at his home here Thursday noon last week. Mr. Mueller, who apparently seemed in good health, was up and attended to his various little duties about his home during the morning, but at noon was stricken with a heart attack, and upon the immediate arrival of the local doctor, he was beyond medical aid.

Mr. Mueller was born Feb. 12, 1855 in Province Pozen, Germany and came to America when a child of four years, with his parents, who settled in Manitowoc. On Nov. 8, 1878, he was united in marriage to Miss Alvina Zahn of Two Rivers and the couple located on a farm in Forestville Township. Since the year 1912 Mr. and Mrs. Mueller have lived in retirement in the village. Mr. Mueller had reached the age of 73 years. Deceased was of a quiet retired disposition, a devout member of the local Lutheran Church which he also served for a time as sexton. He was a kind husband and father and highly respected by all who knew him. He is mourned by a widow and the following five sons and four daughters: Edward of Forestville; Reinhart, Frank, Jr., and Charles of Two Rivers; Alfred of Chicago; Mrs. Walter Scherer of Forestville; Mrs. William Nestman of Chicago; and Mrs. Walter Hoffman and Mrs. Henry Goedke of Algoma. Besides sixteen grandchildren and one great grandchild, four brothers and three sisters.

Short funeral services were held Sunday at 1:30 at the home, from where the body was taken to St. Peter's Lutheran Church, where the last rites were held, the Rev. R. Stuth officiating. The large cortege followed the remains to the local cemetery where interment was made. Among those from out of town present at the funeral were: Mrs. Clara Talefins, Mrs. Rose Schwandes, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Meyers, Mrs. and Mrs. George Maxfeldt, Mr. and Mrs. J. Tills, Mrs. and Mrs. Ferd. Miller, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Ferd. Miller, Jr., Mrs. and Mrs. Herman Muller, Otto Mueller, all of Manitowoc; Miss Bertha Mueller, Mrs. and Mrs. William Nestman and Mrs. and Mrs. Alfred Mueller of Chicago; Mrs. R.J. Hutchinson, Mrs. Bertha Verhulst, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Porth and son of Marinette; Mrs. Charles Maxfeldt, Waukesha; Mrs. and Mrs. George Reimer and family, Sheboygan; Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Anton Hoffman, Louis Hoffman, Mrs. and Mrs. Ervin Hoffman, Mrs. and Mrs. Emil Waterstreet, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Goedtke, Mr. and Mrs. August Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kammer, Mrs. Herman Nauman and Mrs. John Haegele, Algoma; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Stach, Clay Banks; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gomoll, Arthur and Frank Benzow, Sturgeon Bay; Mr. and Mrs. William Hoffman and Mrs. Otto Stuiebs and family, Kewaunee.


Another family found in the records of the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, not directly in the Strege line, but married into it, is the Bonins. In the Naturalization and Declaration of Intent paperwork there is a listing that a John Bonin applied for citizenship on October 27, 1869 but the paperwork itself has vanished, the copies start with 1870. The patriarch is buried in the Little Sister Cemetery. Legible on the stone is "....onin Gest 5 May, 1888 80 jahr, 10 mo 6 ---" There were three sisters and two brothers, as far as is known by current research that was found as the research on the Streges and Uttechs was being done. On the 1880 census, Liberty Grove, Wisconsin, August Bonin, no age given, is living with his daughter Augustine (Minnie), 50 and her husband Carl Gross, 53.

Wisconsin death register number 852 shows Wilhelm August Bonin died March 15, 1888, of old age. He was born June 11, 1807 in Batzwitz, son of Caspar Bonine and Ester Stebunte (?) and husband of Fredericka Krohn.

1. John Bonin

John Bonin is buried in the Little Sister Cemetery. On the front of the stone it reads: John A. Bonin, December 22, 1828 - July 14, 1892. On the rear of the stone, it reads: Ulrika F. Bonin September 7, 1829 - July 18, 1908. On the 1880 census of Liberty Grove, Wisconsin, John Bonin, 51 is a farmer and his wife, Albreta, is 50, both from Prussia. Their son Albert is 16 and living with them is Karoline Marcks, age 71, which apparently is John's mother-in-law.

Wisconsin death register number 1038 shows John died July 14, 1892, son of John Bonine Sr. The death register shows his birth as July 22, 1828 in Pommern, husband of Ulricke Bonine. He died of typhoid fever.

One child of this couple found while doing this research was Wilhelmine Caroline Ulericka Bonien, who married M. Carl Ludwig August Keling(?) on April 21, 1871. On this marriage document Wilhelmine Caroline's mother's maiden name is shown as Marks. (Note: see also the end of this web page for miscellaneous obituaries for Mrs. George Reinhard, whose maiden name was Marks). On Wisconsin Marriage Register #2921, the groom is shown as the son of Carl Kychel and Caroline Keling.

2. Karoline Bonin Mueller

Karoline married Robert Mueller--see the Muellers, above.

3. Augustina Bonin Rove

Augustina was born March 16, 1840 in Rutznow, Germany. She died on December 17, 1914 (#91 in the death register). She married August Wilhelm Herman Rove or Rowe (it has been spelled both ways), born October 18, 1836 in Justin, Pommern and who died March 20, 1925 (#110 in the death register) 88 years, 5 months and 2 days.

August Rove filed his declaration of intent to become a citizen on Dec. 31, 1880 along with Robert Mueller, husband of Augusta Strege. He stated he was born in Germany on or about 1836 and came to the U.S. on or about May of 1866, landing in Detroit.

August and Ernestine Rowe are buried in the Little Sister Cemetery: August Rowe Oct. 18, 1836 - March 20, 1925. His wife Ernestine March 16, 1840 - Dec. 17, 1914.

Some of their children who were found in the registers of the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Liberty Grove and the Bandekow, Pommern church film while research was being done on the Streges and Uttechs are presented below:

Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Rove (Rowe)

Carl was born in Bandekow, Pommern on September 13, 1863 and baptized September 27. Witnesses were Carl Kohler, Johann Bonin and Wilhelmine (last name illegible) geb. Rowe.

Friedrich Wilhelm August Rove (Rowe)

Friedrich was born October 14, 1867 and confirmed May 18, 1881 (#28 in the confirmation register). He died May 1, 1932 (#119 in the death register). He wife was listed as Bertha, born Berndt. Fred is buried in the Little Sister Cemetery where the stone reads 1867-1932.

Herman Friedrich Wilhelm Rove (Rowe)

Herman was born December 19, 1871 and confirmed on May 9, 1886 (#58 in the confirmation register). On marriage register #39, Herman married Anna Schmidt May 9, 1905. He is shown as the son of August Rowe of Justin, Hinter-Pommern and Ernestine geb. Bonin of Ritznow, Hinter-Pommern. Anna is shown as the daughter of Ferdinand Schmidt and Bertha geb. Heister of Plathe, Hinter-Pommern. Herman is buried in the Little Sister Cemetery where the stone reads Dec. 19, 1871-Oct. 14, 1906. Wisconsin death register number 2944 shows his birth as Dec. 19, 1872; parents August and Tena Rove and his wife as Anna Smith Rove. He was 34 years, 9 months and 25 days old and died of pneumonia and cardiac failure and edema.

NOTE: Anna Rove geb Schmidt remarried to Johann Paul Moegenburg, son of Carl Moegenburg and Wilhelmina geb Kleiss on Aug. 21, 1908 (#43 in the marriage register) witnesses Herman Schmidt, and Hattie Moegenburg. (For more information on the Moegenburg family see the Uttech page of this web document).

Bertha Wilhelmine Ernestine Rove (Rowe)

Bertha was born January 25, 1874 and confirmed on May 9, 1886 (#67 in the confirmation register). Bertha is buried in the Little Sister Cemetery where the stone reads 1879-1936.

Albert August Johannes Rove (Rowe)

Albert was born June 24, 1876 and confirmed May 30, 1890 (#85 in the confirmation register).

Anna Ernestine Wilhelmine Rachel Rove (Rowe)

Anna was born September 2, 1878 and confirmed April 10, 1892 (#95 in the confirmation register). Anna married Carl Ehlert from Milwaukee on Feb. 22, 1909.

Wilhelmine Ulrike Bertha Rove (Rowe)

Wilhelmine was born November 16, 1880 and confirmed April 29, 1894 (#107 in the confirmation register).

Another daughter, not sure which one as shown above, Wilhelmina Rowe, daughter of August Rowe of Justin, Hinter-Pommern and Ernestine married (#38 in the marriage register) Albert Baeker from Bailey's Harbor, son of Carl Baeker of Drosodow, Hinter-Pommern and Caroline geg Kraft. Witnesses were Carl Baeker and Anna Rowe.

Another daughter was found in the marriage register: "Emma" Rowe, daughter of August and Ernestine, married Herman Prust on Oct. 20, 1905 (#40 in the marriage register). Herman was the son of Wilhel Prust of Schlosszin, Hinter-Pommern and Ulrike geb Helke of Plathe, Hinter-Pommern.

Unknown Rowe burial in Little Sister Cemetery:

Elsie 1897-1980 and Wilhelmine F. Gest 12 Sept., 1887.

4. Wilhelmine Bonin, who married Carl Gross

On the 1870 census, August Bonin, age 64, was living with Carl and Wilhelmine Gross. Carl listed as Charles, age 43, Mina is 39. Their children are

Frederick, 18

Amelia, 15

Albert, 13

Tina, 11

Herman, 9

Mina, 6

On the 1880 census for Liberty Grove, Carl is 53 and Minnie 50. The children are:

Carl, 23

Bertha, no age given

August Bonin, horse trader, no age given

1.) Fredrick W.F. Bonin married Bertha Will, daughter of Johann Will and Caroline Banks? on November 22, 1870 (#2908 in Wisconsin register). In Little Sister Cemetery Emilie C. wife of Fredrich Gross is buried. The stone reads May? 5?, 1827 - Aug. 9, 1878.

2.) The son Albert later married Albertine Fredericke Louise Uttech, daughter of Augustine Wilhelmine Strege and Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Uttech. See the Uttech page of this web document for details on the Uttech family.

3.) Amelia might be the Johanne Emilie Gross who married M.Carl Mahnke on May 24, 1872. She is shown as the daughter of Carl Gross and Wilhelmine Bonin. Witnesses were Johan Bonien and Frederick Bonien.

4.) Tina, shown above, married Johann Friedrich Baeker on May 3, 1880 (#5 in the marriage register). Witnesses were Karl Gross and another person whose name was not legible. The state of Wisconsin records show M. Johann Friedrich Baker married Albertine Auguste W. Gross on May 17, 1880, daughter of Carl Daniel Gottfired Gross and Wilhelmine Auguste Henriette Gross.

5.) Herman, son of Carl, was confirmed in the Liberty Grove church on Palm Sunday, March 25, 1877.

6.)Augusta Gross daughter of Charles and Amelia, wed Barney Cavanaugh, farmer from Fish Creek, on July 3, 1870 (#2895 Wisconsin register). He was the son of Thomas and Mary Cavanaugh, born in Providence, Rhode Island. Witnesses were Peter Van Brumer and Ella Kidd.

7.)Bertha Auguste Wilhelmine, daughter of Carl and Wilhelmine, born July 3, 1870, was confirmed in the church on Advent, December 16, 1883.

8.) Unknown exactly who this is: Mrs. Bertha Gross, born in Germany on October 1, 1867, died May 17, 1950 of a stroke.

5. M. Frederick W. F. Bonien

His birth date is unknown. The only information on this son was through his marriage record, where he is shown as the son of August Bonien and Dortea Koen.


The following records were found in the Batzwitz church book for the Bonin family. Exactly how they interconnect with the above family is not known but these records are presented here in hopes they will help some Bonin researcher. For further information on the Hinz family that intermarried into the Bonin family, see the section at the end of this web document "Miscellaneous families" in the Batzwitz Church.

1.) Christian Gottlieb Bonin married Ana Sophia Schmidt June 9, 1818 in Batzwitz.

2.) David Bonin and Catherine Lubke married June 16, 1820. Catharine Elisabeth geb. Lubke (wife of?) David Bonin, died April 11, 1869, aged 83 years, 7 months and 27 days.

3.) Johann Jacob Kiershafer married Dorothea Bonin on November 10, 1820 in Batzwitz.

4.) August Carl Gottlieb Bonin died in April of 1822.

5) Caroline Friederike Luise Bonin was born December 28, 1823 and was baptized January 11, 1824, the daughter of the "foreman" Christian Bonin and Hannah Sophie geb. Schmidt. Witnesses at the baptism were Friedrich Hinz, farmer's son from Batzwitz, Dorothea Louise Bonin wife of Citizen Kiekhofer in Plath, and Sophie Louise Schmidt, wife of the "foreman" Uttech in Trieglaff.

6.) Friedrich Latzig and Frederike Bonin--three children of this couple were found in the records.

A. Johanna Carolina Friederike born October 16, 1839 and baptized on October 27.

B. Albertine Wilhelmine Auguste, born Dec. 29, 1840.

C.Albertine Dorothea Wilhelmine Latzig, born December 20, 1846, legitimate daughter of Friedrich Latzig and Frederike Bonin. Witnesses to the baptism were the farmer Hannemann, farmer's wife Bonin and free laborer Muller of Loppenow.

7.) Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm Bonin and Wilhelmine Charlotte geb. Hinz were married Dec. 11, 1847. Ernst died October 31, 1872 at the age of 59 years, 8 months and 25 days. Wilhelmine remarried Johann Franz Bruss in 1874 when she was 50 1/4 and he was 41 1/2. The children as were found in the records, of Ernst and Wilhelmine were:

A. Albert Friedrich Wilhelm Bonin born Aug (?), baptised Sept. 10, year unknown. Witnesses to the baptism were Ernst Wilhelm Vandrey of Batzwitz, (first name illegible) Ferdinand of Lewerenz?, and Caroline geb. Brocker, (wife of?) Herman Wrensch of Batzwitz.

B. Marie Albertine Caroline Bonin, born Sept. 25, 1845, baptized October 24. Witnesses were Caroline Harder and Johann Harder of Batzwitz, Albertine Muller of Loppenow and (first name illegible) Marten of Trutzlatz? At the age of 26, November 17, 1871 she married in Barkow a Heinrich Friedrich Theodor Schroder. They had the following children that were found in the records:

Mathilde Albertine Magdalene

She was born September 20, 1872 and baptized September 21. Witnesses included Mathilde geb. Lemke (wife of?) Wilhelm Tetzlaff of Barkow, Mathilde Bonin, (wife of?) Friedrich Bonin of Batzwitz and Albert Hinz.

Louise Auguste Alvine

She was baptized November 2, 1873 with witnesses Auguste geb. Bonin Roebke (?), Alvine Gussing or Gissing, and Herman Schroeder of Batzwitz.

C. Emilie Caroline Albertine Lorette, born August 11, 1851, baptized September 7. Witnesses included (first name illegible) Laverenz, (first name illegible) Harder of Batwitz, and Albertine Boder (married name? Mudelmow) of Batzwitz. This child died October 9, 1851.

D. Anna Mathilde Wilhelmine Magdalene, born January 18, 1853. Anna herself had a daughter baptized August 9, 1874--Robert Emil Theodore. Witnesses to the baptism of Anna's baby included August Pollbrecht (?) of Batzwitz, Robert Koepke and Emilie Zibell (wife of?) Ferdinand.

E. They had a child Jan. 17, 1856 that must have been stillborn or died shortly after birth.

F. They had another child in May of 1857 that must have also been stillborn or died shortly after birth.

G. Richard August Herman, born May 10, 1861 and baptised May 20. Witnesses were August Hinz, Herman Zahn and Wilhelmine Krueger of Schmalensin.

8.) August Wilhelm Ferdinand Bonin of Rensin died December 16, 1868, age 57 years, 4 months and 16 days.

9.) Auguste Charlotte Wilhelm Bonin age 23 1/2, married Martin Friedrich Robert Emil Koepke, age 32 1/4 on August 30, 1872 in Batzwitz.

Schultz (Schulz)

Emilie Schultz married Richard Strege, son of Heinrich Strege. The church in Liberty Grove had information on this family, which is presented here in hopes it might help some Schultz researcher. How some of these people are related is not known.

The Schultz couple that first settled in Liberty Grove appears to have been Karl or Carl Schultz and his wife Wilhelmine. Wilhelmine Schultz geb. Heuer died May 21, 1886 in Liberty Grove and Carl Schultz died June 14, 1899 (#70 in the death register of the Liberty Grove Church). However, no Schultz are buried in the Little Sister Cemetery, but there are a number of Schultz' buried in Bayside Cemetery in Sturgeon Bay, which are listed at the end of this section. There is only two records in the Liberty Grove records for children of Carl: Robert Heinrich Herman Schultz, son of Carl, born December 26, 1870 and confirmed June 28, 1885 (#53 in the Liberty Grove Church), and Alvina Schultz, daughter of Karl Schultz and Wilhelmine, who married William Williams, a farmer from Bailey's Harbor, on December 2, 1880. The balance of the records deal with children of Albert Schultz. The below was taken from the confirmation register and may not represent all the children of Albert. Albert Schultz died of old age and health problems on November 8, 1943.

1.) George Carl Friedrich Schultz, son of Albert, born April 2, 1886, Bailey's Harbor, confirmed April 8, 1900.

2.) Emilie Charlotte Franziska Schultz, daughter of Albert, born January 22, 1889, Bailey's Harbor, confirmed May 17, 1903. Emilie married Richard Strege, son of Heinrich Strege on September 11, 1907. For more information on this couple see the Strege section above.

3.) Wilhelm Ferdinand Friedrich Robert Schultz, son of Albert, Bailey's Harbor. This baptism is shown, (#178 in the Liberty Grove register) where his name is shown as Wilhelm Friedrich Robert. In the confirmation register, however #132, it is shown as Wilhelm Ferdinand Friedrich Robert. He was confirmed on October 20, 1901.

4.) Heinrich Johan Ferdinand Schultz, born September 22, 1890, baptized October 19 (#200 in the Liberty Grove register). Witnesses were Ferdinand Mueller, Heinrich Schulz and Johanne Schulz geb. Schulz.

5.) Walther Albert Eduard Schultz, son of Albert, born August 5, 1893 in Milwaukee, was confirmed May 5, 1907 (#160 in the Liberty Grove Church).

6.) Ella Marie Schultz, daughter of Albert, born May 6, 1899, baptized June 25 (#270 in the Liberty Grove register). Witnesses were Emma Wilke, Fr. Moegenburg, and Herm. Ruesforo (?).

Other records for the Schultz family are listed below, but it is not known how they interrelate:

1.) Emma Schultz of Bailey's Harbor married Karl Abramson, a farmer from Egg Harbor, on November 15, 1923 (#58 in the Liberty Grove Church register). Witnesses were Walber Abramson and Else Rowe.

2.) Laura Schultz of Bailey's Harbor married Eugene Pfeil of Ellison Bay at the parsonage of the Liberty Grove Church on November 28, 1936 (#70 in the church register). Witnesses were Willard Pfeil and Leona Schultz.

3.) Carl Schultz of Bailey's Harbor married Anna Ohnesorge of Bailey's Harbor (rural) at the parsonage of the Liberty Grove Church on October 4, 1941 (#78 in the church register, license #134). Witnesses were Arthur Becker, Bertha Becker, Arthur Schultz, Leone Schultz, Charlotte Schultz and Carl Ohnesorge.

4.) Leona Henrietta Schultz of Sturgeon Bay married Gerald Stanley Voight of Ellison Bay on June 7, 1952 in the Liberty Grove Church (#89 in the church register, License #50 Door County). Witnesses were Mrs. Charlotte Wittig, Donald Voight, Mrs. Arlene Koski, Elmer Schultz, Henrietta Schultz and Marilyn Nelson.

The following is a listing of the Schultz family buried in Bayside Cemetery in Sturgeon Bay:

Karl 1872-1945; Minnie 1874-1935

Herman C. October 9, 1908-November 21, 1951; Evelyn M. May 19, 1915-December 17, 1960

Ruth H. 1917- and William J. 1910-1966

Henry 1885-1942

Rose 1886-1962

Louise W. March 24, 1850-November 4, 1935 with Karl, son, 1936-1944

William 1856-1924 and Minnie 1848-1912

Also a Victoria Schulze 1847-1925

Miscellaneous Records from the Evangelical Church in Batzwitz

Regarding Families Who Intermarried with the Strege/Uttech and Related Families


Bertha Zahn (or Jahn) had married Heinrich Strege and her sister Louise had married Robert Muller.

1.) Eleonora Zahn died December 12, 1817.


2.) Christian Friedrich Zahn and Catherine Dorothea Kruger were married April 23, 1818 in Batzwitz.

3.) David and Louise Zahn had a child Herman Friedrich Wilhelm born the 27th of (month unknown), 1825 or 1827.

4.) Johann David Zahn and Sophie Caroline Sell had a son August Friedrich Wilhelm Zahn, legitimate son of the deceased farmer Johann David Zahn and Sophie Caroline Sell, was born May 18, 1834 and baptized May 25. Witnesses included the farmer Hannemann, the master tailor Dorn of Prust and the wife of the small farmer Zahn of Witgenitz.

5.) Martin Friedrich Klohn of Woistentin married Wilhelmine Albertine Friedrike Zahn, daughter of Johann Zahn July (?) 21, 1847.

6.) August Ferdinand Hannemann and Johanne Friedrike Caroline Zahn on December 1, 1848. They had a daughter Auguste Caroline Wilhelmine, born Sept. 22, 1849 and baptized Oct. 7. Witnesses included Herman Zahn, (first name illegible) Bonin and (first name illegible) Knack (geb.?) Prust.

7.) Gottlieb Hinz and Hanne geb. Bessert had a daughter Hulda Ida Louise on Nov. 16, 1852 and baptized on Dec. 26. Witnesses included Hulda (?) Schultz, Herman Hinz and Ida Bessert.

7.) Johanna geb. Zahn and Wilhelm Boeder had four children that were found in the Batzwitz church:

A. Bertha Sophia Amalie, born in April of 1857. One of the witnesses to the baptism was Wilhelmine geb. Zahn.

B. Robert August Herman, born in January of 1861 and baptized January 25. Witnesses included August Hinz, Herman Zahn, and Friedrike geb. Boeder Hemke

C. Hulda Marie Emilie born November 29, 1862 and baptized Dec. 13. Witnesses included Emilie wife of Friedrich Zavan (?), Marie Bonin of Batzwitz and Carl Friedrich Herman Boeder of Batzwitz.

D. Anna Sophia Helena, born Sept. 30, 1866 and baptized Oct. 21. Witnesses were August Heinz (Augusto) (wife of?) August Heinz of Batzwitz, Mathilde Klohn (wife of?) Friedrich Klohn in Woistentin and Johann Harder of Batzwitz.

E. Martha Elfride Alma, born May 2 (?), 1868 and baptized May 26. Witnesses included Emilie geb. Bessert (wife of?) Herman Boeder (?) of Griefenberg, Heinrich Boeder of Batzwitz and Emilie Pagenkopf (?).

8.) Johann Herman Ludwig Zahn and Wilhelmine Caroline geb. Koch had the following children that were found in the records of the Batzwitz church:

A. Albert Friedrich Wilhelm, born Sept. 9, 1858 and baptized on Sept. 18. Witnesses included Herman Wrensch, Friedrich Zahn and Johanne geb. Zahn, wife of Wilhelm Boeder.

B. Herman Robert Otto, born July 8, 1860 and baptized on July 15. Witnesses included Friedrich Klohn (?), Wilhelm Boeder of Batzwitz and (first name illegible) geb. Koch(?) of Langendorf. A third child's death was recorded: Otto Friedrich Bernard Zahn, son of Johann Herman Ludwig Zahn died March 26, 1864, buried March 30.

C. Another child's death was recorded: Otto Friedrich Bernard Zahn, son of Johann Herman Ludwig Zahn died March 28, 1864, buried March 30.

D. Richard Bernard August, born Feb. 5, 1867, and baptized Feb. 24.

E. Almine Caroline Emilie, born April 30, 1874. Witnesses to the baptism included Caroline geb. Radlof (?) Genz (?) of Barkow, Emilie Hannemann (wife of?) Wilhelm Boeder and August Peter(s?)

9.) Wilhelm Boeder and Johanne Zahn had two children that were found in the records:

A. Robert August Herman, baptized Jan. 25, year unknown. Witnesses were August Hinz, Herman Zahn, Friedrike Boeder (geb.?) Heimke from Batzwitz.

B. Anna Sophia Amalie, born in April of 1857. One witness to the baptism was Wilhelmine geb. Zahn.

C.Anna Sophia Helene, born Sept. 30, 1866 and baptized October 21. Witnesses were August Hinz, Mathilde Klohn (?) and Johann Harder of Batzwitz.


The Hinz family records from the Evangelical Church in Batzwitz show intermarriage with the Bonin family, which is presented above.

1. Carl Friedrich Hinz and Maria Frederike Ziebell had the following children that were found in the Batzwitz church records (NOTE: Death of a Carl Friedrich Heinz was recorded May 26, 1848, 64 years, 2 months, 20 days, may have been this Carl's grandfather):

A. Johann Heinrich Erdmann, born in August of 1848. Witnesses at the baptism included Carl Benz and Caroline Zibell.

B. Wilhelm August Ferdinand Hinz, born September 28 and baptized September 29, year unknown. Witnesses were (first name illegible) Harder, (first name illegible) Kurth, and (first name illegible) Ziebell.

C. Hanna Friedrike Emilie, born September 25, 1851 and baptized October 5. Two of the witnesses were (first name illegible) Zibell and Emilie Ullman. This child died November 1, 1857 and was buried November 4.

D. Auguste Friedrike Albertine, born June 20, 1853.

E. Wilhelmine Marie Frederike, born Jan. 5, 1857 and baptized Jan. 11. Witnesses included Ferdinand Muller, and Albertine Winter. This child died April 25, 1857 and was buried April 26.

F. Carl Friedrich Albert, born April 7, 1859 and baptized April 14. Witnesses were (first name illegible) Lemke, (first name illegible) Carl and Albertine Lucht.

G. Albert Friedrich Herman, born July 25, 1861 and baptized August 4, witnesses including Ferdinand Zibell, Julius Lemke and Caroline geb. Bliese, Fr. Klug.

H. Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Erdmann, born June 9, 1864, baptized June 19. Witnesses were Friedrich Prahl, Carl Hefermann and Wilhemine Zibell of Batzwitz.

2.) August Ferdinand Hinz and Wilhelmine geb. Boder had the following children as were found in the records:

A. Augustine Maria Wilhelmine, born December 31, 1847 and baptized January 21, 1848. Witnesses included the farmer Bonin and Wilhelmine Boetcher. In 1871, she married August Gottlieb David Peter.

B. Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm, born December 21, 1849.

C. Albert Friedrich Herman, born December 22, 1851 and baptized December 28. Witnesses included (first name illegible) Bonin and (first name illegible) Wrensch both of Batzwitz and (first name illegible) Laurenz.

D. Bertha Caroline Dorothea, born September 28, 1856 and baptized October 2. Witnesses included Caroline geb. Leverenz of Burkholtz, Caroline geb. Harder Vandrey and Herman Bottiker (?)

E. Richard Wilhelm August, born in October of 1858 and baptized November 27. Witnesses included Wilhelm Boeder, Heinrich Bucholz and Auguste geb. Sabsieder (?) (wife of?) Heinrich Boeder.

F. Emilie Adelheide Francheska, born Oct. 25, 1866 and baptized on Nov. 11. Witnesses included Bertha Bonin, Emily Hanneman and Wilhelm Boeder.

3. Johann Daniel Gottfried Hinz married Caroline Wilhelmind Friedrike Schulz on July 27 (?), 1847.

4. Gottlieb Heinz and Hanne geb. Beysert had a daughter Hulda Ida Louise born Sept. 16, 1852 and baptized October 26. Witnesses were Hulda Schultz of Barkow, Herman Heinz and Ida Beysert.


The Vandrey family records from the Evangelical Church in Batzwitz show connection to the Muller, Hartwig, Bonin and Zahn families through witnesses to baptisms.

1. Ernst Gottlieb Wilhem Vandrey and Johanne Charlotte geb Harder had the following children which were located in the Batzwitz church records:

A. Emily Caroline Wilhelmine, born May 30, 1851 and baptized June 14. Witnesses included (first name illegible) Vandrey of Baden or Redan, (first name illegible) Muller of Deidow (?) and (first name illegible) Hartwig of Lubnow.

B. Albert Friedrich Ludwig, born March 4, 1856 and baptized March 24, witnesses were (first name illegible) Muller (geb.?) Vandrey of Reggo and (first name illegible) Wrensch of Batzwitz.

C. Heinrich August Herman, born July 1, 1858 and baptized August 4. Witnesses included Heinrich Vandrey, Herman Zahn, and Auguste geb. Labzsieder or Sabzsieder (wife of?) Heinrich Boeder.

D. Auguste Marie Henriette, born Feb. 7, 1861, baptized Feb. 22. Witnesses included Hanna Auguste Erdhul de Koehler, Bertha Bonin, and Heinrich Fr. Wilhelm Wrensch of Batzwitz.

2. Ernst Gottlieb Vandrey died May 30, 1864 and was buried June 2.

Miscellaneous Obituaries

This section of this web document is reserved for subsidiary lines, where obits were found but did not really fit into the core group of the family. Nevertheless, in hopes these may help some researcher who is looking for these subsidiary lines the core group married into, they have been presented below, out of the way of the presentation of the main family.

Obituary of Mrs. Geo. Reinhard

Note: Viola Waller, daughter of Marie Strege and Otto Waller, of the Edward Strege family group, married Archie Reinhard of Sister Bay. It was thought that the below obituary might fit in with this Reinhard family. Also, Mrs. Reinhard's maiden name was Marks. In the Bonin Family section of this web page Ulrike Bonin's maiden name was Marks.

Door County Advocate

April 16, 1926

Mrs. Geo. Reinhard Dies, 89 Years Old

4 Children and 24 Grand and 23 Great Grandchildren Survive

Maple Grove-Mrs. Wilhelmine Reinhard, wife of the late George Reinhard, passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Reinhard, April 5, at the age of 89 years, 4 months and 14 days. A complication of diseases and old age caused the death.

Mrs. Reinhard was born in Pommern, Germany, November 22, 1836. Her maiden name was Wilhelminea nee Marks. She was married twice, her first husband being William Gauger, of Germany. Six children were born to this union as follows: Amelia (Mrs. Frank Reinhard), August and Julia, Bertha (Mrs. Otto Mundt), Anna (Mrs. L. Schneider) and one son died in infancy. Later Mrs. L. Schneider also died. Mr. Gauger died when 46 years old.

Three years later Mrs. Reinhard came to Door County with three of her children. While here, she was again married to George Reinhard of Gibraltar, and settled down in the homestead which now belongs to Frank Reinhard. Twenty one years later Mr. Reinhard passed away.

Those surviving are her four children, Mrs. Frank Reinhard, August and Julia Gauger, Gibraltar, who were at her bedside when she died; and Mrs. Otto Mundt, Germany. Twenty four grandchildren, and twenty three great grandchildren also survive. If Mrs. Reinhard had lived till the 12th of April, it would have been 20 years ago that Mr. Reinhard died.

Mrs. Reinhard's last words were "help me". She then fell asleep at six o'clock Easter morning and slept on till death came at two o'clock Monday afternoon. She was kind and active, always willing to help out in time of trouble. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her. Funeral services were held at the house and at the Zion Evangelical Church Thursday last week at 2:00 p.m. and the remains laid to rest at the cemetery.

Obituary of Mrs. August Zahn

The Zahn family married into the Strege family when Mathilde Louise Albertine Strege married Albert Zahn. She was a daughter of Henry and Bertha Strege.

Door County Advocate, January 8, 1926

Mrs. August Zahn Dies

Mrs. August Zahn, wife of the local blacksmith, died at Milwaukee on December 25 after an operation for goitre. Mrs. Zahn leaves to mourn her death her husband, two sons Walter and Carl, and one daughter, Margaret. Mrs. Zahn was buried at Milwaukee, her former home.

Obituary of Carl Zahn

NOTE: In addition to the above Zahn link, one daughter, Mrs. William Uttech is listed. See the Uttech page of this web site for information on William Uttech.

Door County Advocate, November 27, 1931

Carl Zahn, 78, Dies Monday; Funeral Today

Carl Zahn, 78, who has been a resident of this city for half a century, died at a local hospital Monday evening at 10:15 o'clock. Up to last week Thursday when he suffered a paralytic stroke that caused his death, he had never been in ill health.

Mr. Zahn was born at Milwaukee May 3, 1853, and moved to Manitowoc with his parents while a young man. He was married there to Eleonora Sdunnis February 13, 1875 and the couple came immediately to Door County, establishing a farm in Sevastopol. Six years later they moved to Sturgeon Bay where Mr. Zahn followed his trade as a carpenter. Mrs. Zahn died 25 years ago and since that time Mr. Zahn has resided with his daughter, Mrs. Charles Williams of this city. Besides Mrs. Williams, four other children of nine born are living: Mrs. Frank Wellever, city; Hugo, Milwaukee; Henry, Maplewood; and Herman, Sheboygan. Three sisters, Mrs. William Uttech, Mrs. Charles Rhode and Mrs. Charles Wettering, all of Kewaunee County, also survive.

The funeral will be held at 2:00 this afternoon from the Moravian Church with the Rev. E.F. Helmich officiating. Interment will be at Bayside. All of the children will be here for the rites.

Obituary of Mrs. Charles Zahn

Door County Advocate, April 27, 1906

Zahn-In this city, April 23, 1906. Elenora, wife of Carl Zahn, in the 55th year of her age. Mrs. Zahn is survived by a husband and six children, the eldest daughter being the wife of Capt. Jas. Tufts. The family have lived in this city since 1880, coming here from Manitowoc, where the couple married Feb. 13, 1875. The funeral was held from the house on Tuesday afternoon. Rev. F. Schumann officiated and interment held at Bayside.

Obituary of Herman Hempel

Note: Ulrike Mueller daughter of John and Caroline Bonin Mueller married a Hempel.

Door County Advocate July 1, 1938

Herman Hempel, Former Resident, Dies Last Week

Herman Hempel, former Sevastopol resident, passed away at the home of his daughter, Mrs. M.W. Civers, in Milwaukee Friday, at the age of 75 years, 4 mo. 23 days. Mr. Hempel was born Feb. 1, 1863 at Ephraim, youngest son of Christian and Wilhelmina Hempel. He grew to manhood there and on July 22, 1886, was married to Miss Therisia Gruber. Nine children were born, four of whom are deceased. Barbara, who died in infancy, Mrs. Henry (Julia) Weber, Henry and Arnold.

Surviving are the widow, one son Frank of Kenosha, and four daughters, Mrs. E.J. (Ann) Schessler of Mauston; Mrs. M.W. (Elsie) Civers, Lucille and Terese of Milwaukee; six grandchildren, Roy Weber, Miss Olive and Terese Schessler, William and Robert Hempel and James Civers; two sisters, Mrs. Herman Koeppel, Sister Bay and Mrs. Fred Smith, West Allis, and one brother August, of Hendricks, Minnesota.

Funeral Monday-The body was brought from Milwaukee Sunday to the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Moeller in Sevastopol. Funeral services were held Monday morning from SS Peter and Paul Church at Institute. The Rev. Father Bunklemann officiated, and burial was in the church cemetery.

Those from out of town who attended the funeral besides the immediate family were August Hempel and son, and Mr. and Mrs. H. Hempel of Hendricks, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith, West Allis; Mrs. Ann Endes and son Tony and Mrs. Frank Zodrow of Wauwatosa; Mr. and Mrs. B. Hopp and Robert Blankenheim of Milwaukee; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Martin, Campbellsport; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Starrine, Green Bay; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Koeppel and daughters Bertha and Myrtle and son Phillip, Mr. and Mrs. John Kodanko, daughters Kathryn and Laura, Nicholas Hammersmith and Rudolph Kodanko of Ephraim; and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller, Egg Harbor.

Obituary of William Sitte

NOTE: See the Mueller section of this web document. Ulrike Mueller wed August Hempel, his mother's maiden name was Sitte. On the 1880 census for Liberty Grove, William is shown living alone, a 25 year old farmer from Prussia. Charl Sittee, who could be his brother, is also shown, age 31 with his wife Bertha, also 31, both from Prussia. Their children were Emma, 11, born in Prussia. The rest of the children were all born in Wisconsin: Frank, 6; Albert, 5; Anne, 3; and Laura, 1.

Door County Advocate February 6, 1931

William Sitte, of Gills Rock, Dies Jan. 28th

Gills Rock--William Sitte, 77, who came to Door County about 63 years ago, died here last week Wednesday from hardening of the arteries. He had been ailing for several months.

The funeral was held Saturday from the Bethel Baptist Church with the Rev. Palm and Rev. Price officiating and interment was at Little Sister Cemetery. Special music was provided by Mrs. William Johnson and Miss Noresse Anderson and Edwin Jones, who sang a duet. Pallbearers were Even Olson, Severt Olson, John Carlson, Joseph McOlash, Richard Peterson and William Anderson.

Mr. Sitte was born July 25, 1853, in Germany, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb Sitte, and came to this country with his father and brother in 1868, settling in Ephraim. For ten seasons he sailed on the Great Lakes after which he settled on a farm that has been his home ever since. On November 1, 1883, he was married to Miss Wilhelmina Johns, who still survives, together with eight children and one foster son, Fred Sitte and Mrs. Clarence Brodd of Sister Bay; Albert Sitte of Winter, Wis.; Mrs. Jens Christianson and Mrs.Louis Christianson of Hendricks, Minn.; Mrs. James Peterson of Ellison Bay; Harry Sitte of Gills Rock; Irven of Chicago; and Emers at home. In addition, 23 grandchildren, two great grandchildren and one brother and one sister at Hendricks, Minn.; and one sister living in Germany also survive. Among those here from outside to attend the funeral were: Albert Sitte of Winter, Wis., Mrs. and Mrs. Carl Johns, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Polsen, Mrs. Mathilda Smith and son Earlin and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Peterson of Sturgeon Bay; Mrs. Ida Johnson of Green Bay; and Edwin Johns of Iron River, Wis. The children were all at the funeral except the two from Hendricks and the one from Chicago who were here a few weeks ago. The floral offerings at the funeral were exceptionally large. The flowers were carried by six grandchildren of the deceased, Percy and Eunice Peterson, Chester Sitte, Alleen Brodd, Elaine Sitte and Eleanor Strandell.


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