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Gerbil Colors

Breeding & Genetics


Black pup under 1 week old

Black pup about 1 week old


(aa, CC, ee, G*, P*)

Male Nutmeg Color Adult

Nutmeg is one of my favorite gerbil colors. As babies they start out a lovely golden color, then molt into a dark golden with black tipped fur. Throughout their lives, as they continue to molt visible lines can be seen where they are halfway lighter and halfway darker. In old age they gradually molt to a lighter and lighter color.


(aa, CC, E*, G*, pp)

Lilac is a very pretty color. The babies start out rather light but darken as they get bigger. Eventually they are darker than doves and sapphires. Their coat is a dark grey tinged with purple, and their eyes are a brilliant dark ruby color.

Lilac pup, 13 days

Lilac pup, 16 days

Ruby-Eyed White

(aa, CC, E*, gg, pp)

Ruby-eyed white is a very brilliant white coat color and light pink and ruby eyes. It's not personally one of my favorite colors because the pink color to their eyes seems to make them look washed out. But some people really like the coloration.

Ruby-Eyed White pup

Ruby-Eyed White pup


(aa, Ccb, E*, G*, pp)

Sapphire is a lovely color! It is lighter than lilac but darker than dove. The lightened color is caused by the recessive "cb" from a Burmese/Colorpoint parent.

Sapphire Female Adult

Sapphire pup

Sapphire pup about 2 weeks old

Sapphire Female Adult

Color Comparisons

Following are pictures comparing the colors of different coats and ages.

Black & Ruby-Eyed White

Comparison of a black pup (left) and ruby-eyed white (right)

Black, Sapphire & Ruby-Eyed White

Comparison of a black (left), sapphire (middle) and ruby-eyed white (right) almost one-week old

Comparison of a black (left), sapphire (middle) and ruby-eyed white (right) at one week

Lilac & Sapphire

Comparison of a lilac pup (left) and sapphire pup (right)

Comparison of lilac pup (upper left) and sapphire pup (lower right)

Ruby-Eyed White & Sapphire

Comparison of a sapphire pup (left) and ruby-eyed white (right)


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