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Fenway & Wrigley

This website is dedicated to the Brittany dogs Fielding Fenway, Addison Wrigley, their littermates and extended family.

My aunt Diane and uncle Roger are the proud owners of two Brittany dogs; Fenway and his younger half-brother, Wrigley.  Fenway is white with orange, the most common Brittany color pattern. Wrigley is a liver and white. Other Brittany colors include black and white, liver tri-color, and black tri-color.  Both Fenway and Wrigley are from the Vande Hei breeders of Wisconsin and share the same sire, Gambler's Chance Return! Fenway's dam is the beautiful Vande Hei's Kentucky Tiki, and Wrigley's dam is M&M Precious Moments (aka Penny). 

Fun Brittany Facts:

The Brittany has produced more dual-champions than any other breed

Brittanys are listed among the top 20 breeds in intelligence

The Brittany breed is the 34th most popular breed in the US (AKC, 1996)

The word 'Brittany' derives from the French region of "Bretagne"

The word 'spaniel' derives from the Latin term for Spain, "Hispania"


Latest News!

Wrigley's parents -- Chance (Gambler's Chance Return) and Penny (M&M Precious Moments) are having another litter in mid-March 2009. If anyone is interested in a puppy from this or another Vande Hei litter, please feel free to contact them by phone at 920-336-2425 or email at dvandehei3@new.rr.com

Photo of Wrigley's father Gambler's Chance Return (left) and Wrigley (right)

Fielding Fenway

Born July 5, 2006



Fenway & Friends

Fenway Puppy Photos

Check out the "Fenway & Wrigley" section for more photos of Fenway!

Addison Wrigley

Born March 18, 2007


Fenway's Aunt Penny had a litter of 12 puppies with J.W.'s Gambler's Chance Return (Fenway's father)! 4 liver females, 2 orange females, 3 liver males and 3 orange females! Diane and Roger are keeping a liver male from the litter and are naming him "Wrigley".

Penny - Wrigley's mother

Penny with the litter

Wrigley larger but still small!

Wrigley & Littermate Checkers!


Wrigley & Brother Willey

 More of Wrigley's Siblings

Olivia winning 1st place at a National Shoot to Retrieve field trial on 02/07/2009, Illinois.


Nasdaq & Olivia

Fenway & Wrigley


Fenway and Wrigley

First Rawhide Bones

Fenway & Rawhide Wrigley's First Rawhide Bone
Fenway's First Rawhide (2006) Wrigley's First Rawhide (2007)


Doggie Day!

Front to Back:
Olivia (Wrigley's sister)
Nasdaq (Wrigley's sister)
Tiki (Fenway's mother)
Mike (Jack's grandfather)
Penny (Wrigley's mother)


Fenway's Litter

Kentucky Tiki & Gambler's Chance Return

July 5, 2006

Fenway! Willow! Jen! Sadie! Grace!

Litter born July 5, 2006 to Vande Hei's Kentucky Tiki and J. W.'s Gambler's Chance Return

Puppies: 9:00 is Grace (liver), 11:00 is Fenway (orange), 2:00 is Willow (second of the two oranges), 5:00 is Jen (liver, next to orange Sadie at 6) , 6:00 is Sadie (orange)

If you are a lucky owner of any of these pups (or other siblings or relatives), please get in touch!  We'll be glad to email you some extended pedigree charts, and if you send any photos of your pups as they grow up we'll post them here.


Update!! Littermates Found!


Introducing Jen - one of Fenway's liver & white littermates


Fenway & Jen


Introducing Willow - one of Fenway's orange & white littermates


Fenway & Willow


Introducing Sadie - one of Fenway's orange & white littermates

Sadie is living in Montana near the Rocky Mountain front range.

According to her owner she has about 20,000 acres to play in!


Introducing Grace - one of Fenway's liver littermates, with Wrigley!

Fenway's Pedigree

Fielding Fenway & Vande Hei's Kentucky Tiki Mother Vande Hei's Kentucky Tiki & Litter on July 19, 2006
Fenway & Dam Vande Hei's Kentucky Tiki Vande Hei's Kentucky Tiki & Two-Week Old Litter

Fenway's ancestors date back to at least 22 documented generations, and some of the most famous Brittanys - Potic, Pedda, Yann-Fred and Diane de Cornouaille. They date back to Brittany, France in the early 1900s.  For a ten-generation family tree, click here (you might need to zoom in and out and scroll to see the details).

Fenway's father's and mother's lineage both go directly back to Potic:


(b. France)

Potic II

(b. France)

Aoutrou de Cornouaille

(b. France)

Fench de Bleun Brug

(b. France)

Huch de Bleun Brug

(b. France)


(Imported to USA in 1936)

Kaer de Cornouaille

(b. Aug 01 1936)

Mabic du Roc'Hellou

Sidi du Roc'Hellou

Tudor du Roc'Hellou

(b. Dec 10 1945)

Tat's Hellou de Britt

Allamuchy Valley Warrior

(b. 1948)

Tat's Flashy Boy

Buddington Prince

(b. Oct 06 1950)

Mister Ripp

Holliday Britt

Butch Dandy's Gunsmoke(b. May 21 1959)

Holliday Britt's Bazooka

(b. 1961)

Kay-Cee Bandit

(b. 1962)

Bazooka's Brandy


(b. Sep 26 1966)

Brandy's Bullet

(b. Feb 08 1968)

The Real Thing

(b. Feb 03 1974)

Bullet Bazooka

Rimarda's Trademark

(b. Aug 16 1981)

Bullet Proof II

Rimardas Gambler

(b. Apr 05 1985)

Ruff and Ready Zack

(b. Dec 05 1988)

Gambler's Ace in the Hole

(b. May 09 1992)

Nolan's Last Bullet

(b. Jun 17 1994)

J.W.'s Gambler's Chance Return

(b. May 15 1998)

Vande Hei's Kentucky Tiki

(b. Dec 16 2000)

Father's Side

Mother's Side

Fielding Fenway!


The website Aniwa describes some details about this line of Brittanys:

"...issued from Ban-Dee (born in 1966 and winner in 1969 of the US Brittany Open Championship), son of Kay-Cee Bandit (1962), son of Butch Dandy’s Gunsmoke (1959), son of Butch Dandy, son of Mister Ripp, son of Tat’s Flashy Boy, son of Tat’s Hellou de Britt.

All in all, 10 generations of males born in the USA in direct line on the father’s side. Always on the father’s side, you find French breeding ascendancy only from Tat’s Hellou with Tudor Du Roc’Hellou, which had been imported from...Brittany.

Tudor was a direct descendant of Kaer de Cornouailles (its great grandfather), in which you can find famous male Potic, a stud which was unavoidable at the beginning at the 20th century.

And in Kaer’s pedigree, been imported by Alan Sutyvesant, one can find all the great names from that period, De Basgard, De Calalc, De Bleun Brug, which are famous for all the French breed historians and lovers."

Fenway's 4-Generation Pedigree

Other Fenway & Wrigley Family Members

Paternal Uncle Napa Valley Gambler's Rocketman - son of Gambler's Ace in the Hole and Lit'l Shasta Z.
Paternal Aunt Serendipity  Hearts R Wild - daughter of Gambler's Ace in the Hole and Starlight's Notorious Nova
Maternal Aunt Windswept Ridge's EJ - daughter ofNolan's Last Bullet and Windswept Ridges Rock-n-Robyn, born December 14, 2002. She is also featured on theWindswept Ridge webpage!
Maternal Aunt Briarbrash Destinee's Breeze - daughter of Nolan's Last Bullet and Bayou Rouge Belle. She was born July 21, 2004 and she has a website throughPrairestorm Kennel!
Maternal Aunts Twincedar Bullet Caroline and Twincedar Bullet Auburn - daughters of Nolan's Last Bullet and Brooking's Upland Brandy. They are featured through the Twincedar Kennel.
Maternal Aunt Dixie - daughter of Nolan's Last Bullet and Hammer's Little Reb. She is featured on a webpage through the Shady Meadows Gundogs Kennel.
Maternal Great Uncle Windswept's Clay Bullet - son of Ruff and Ready Zack and Brooks' BB, a full littermate of Nolan's Last Bullet. He is featured on theWindswept Ridge webpage!


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