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Might & Magic III

This game was released in 1991. It's old, but still my favorite. It's flexible, huge, tons of monsters, tons of money, tons of gems, tons of stuff to find.

Strategy Suggestions

I suggest using two barbarians, one thief, one ranger, one cleric, and one sorcerer. I prefer barbarians over knights because the weapons are almost as good, they get better hit points, and the fancy armor knights can use are too expensive to fix a lot anyway. The thief is necessary for obvious reasons - to open chests. The ranger can do the "Walk on Water" spell and is more convenient than scrounging for objects with the walk on water spell. The cleric has a ton of useful spells; protection from elements, healing, etc. The sorcerer has the indispensable Wizard Eye and Teleport spells.

Walk backward while exploring when possible. Monsters can't throw projectiles (arrows, spells, etc.) unless you've seen them first. And if you're faster than that monster, you get the first hit. This is great especially with Screamers who turn you insane from a distance, Mystic Clouds that take away all your spell points, and Lichs that kill one or more of your party with each attack.

Try to give Ancient Artifacts of Neutrality back one at a time. Neutrality takes all your Artifacts at once, for the same amount of experience. So if you give them 3 at once, it's 500,000 experience. If you give them three Artifacts one at a time, that turns into 1,500,000 experience. (Incidentally, same goes for Ultimate Power Orbs - return those to kings one at a time)

Be careful what you do when holding the Ancient Fizbin of Misfortune. You need it to get the powerful treasure from a hut near Swamptown, and that's IT. Example: if you try to use the Quatloo slots to get advances, you'll be exterminated if you're holding the Fizbin. If you drink from a luck fountain in the desert while holding Fizbin, everybody dies. Etc.

Avoid fighting Plasmoids with weapons. They break weapons. Instead, use spells, or disarm your players first. Weapons are expensive, and a pain to fix if you have to leave an area then try to get back.

I don't like paying huge prices for hirelings. But I like having their backpack space. Get some hirelings and kill them off - you can use their backpack space, and some of their skills are useful. As long as one player has linguistic skill, you can read certain things. A dead hireling with that skill works.

Game Codes

These are codes to use with the magic mirrors.

Town Mirror Codes

Fountainhead Home
Baywatch Seadog
Wildabar Freeman
Swamp Town Doomed
Blistering Heights Redhot
Region Mirror Codes
Northern region Air
Southern region Earth
Blistering Heights Island Fire
Swamptown Area Water
Misc Mirror Codes
Arena Arena
View Beginning FMV Sequences 645
View Latter FMV Sequences 231
View Ending Sequence blastoff

Blatant Cheats

The mirror code "orbmeister" takes you to a place under one of the pyramids and lets you take two Ultimate Power Orbs. If you look at the pods nearby one takes you back to Fountain Head.

The mirror code "doemeister" takes you to a room in the Dragon Cavern and gives you $2,000,000 gold. But, if you don't have various nice things like teleport, lloyd's beacon or can't fight your way out of the dragons, then I advise going there when you first start at Level 1 and use Mr. Wizard to let you out. You're already level 1, so you don't lose a level.

If you destroy a wagon when all your backpacks are full, it will reappear. You get more experience points each time you destroy it.

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